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$20 off Online Shopping When You Spend $150 or More @ FreshChoice


Spend $150 online and receive $20 off. Use code: REDHOT.

Picking fee $5.

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FreshChoice Supermarkets


  • Last time this was posted

    $25 off $200 with code REDHOTBIG might work too.

    • Looks like REDHOTBIG has expired.

  • I would just prefer they had cheaper prices across the board. Last time I went in Tasty cheese was $22.50 for 1 kg.

    • They are just franchised Countdowns, I've never understood why anyone would actually want to shop at one

      • @Plug that's true that they are franchised Countdowns, however they have a whole lot of freedom with product range they can carry. They quite often will carry products that Countdown don't carry and are more often than not wonderful supports of local small business brands. Because of this I shop at my two local stores and also supply both of them with my range of products.

        • @wowbigdeal what’s your product!? :)

      • +1

        Sometimes they're the only alternative available. Cromwell comes to mind. It's either New World or FreshChoice.

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