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Kia EV6 Long Range RWD Electric Vehicle from $71,330 + On Road Costs ($84,980 After 5PM) @ Kia NZ


Incoming price hike for the EV6. $5k across the board. Under two hours of current pricing left.

Pushes the Long range RWD above the rebate cap, so massive price impact on that trim.

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    Better snap it up quick!

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    Damn, no AfterPay! 😪

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    Any free shipping or BOGO codes??

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      Fully here for this.

  • I'll take 10 thanks

  • Buy three, get two deal?

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    Not but check if TWH will price beat…

    • Not a tech item so they should beat it by 10%!

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        I can see my next Warehouse post now….

        This week's offers for Market Club members via The Warehouse App

        • Spend $70,000, Get $10,000 off (excluding shipping)
        • 20% Off Car accessories
        • 30% Off Car Battery Chargers
        • Select the CnC option: they're likely to ship each one to the store in a 40ft container with 2 tons of screwed up brown paper surrounding it to stop it rattling around inside. Or maybe sans paper, but it then it may arrive on its roof.

  • Any Cashback options?

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    Does this work with the Hospitality code?

  • I'm a few dollars short, checking under the couch cushions now.

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    Nice try, cheaper on aliexpress

  • Cashback referral discount?

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    I just about to order one, then realised that the comma between the price number, not a full stop. my bad

  • IMO they are going to kill their sales, if they go over the 80k clean car discount level. There a better and better EVs coming. I would get the model Y that has just come out in NZ over the Kia, and Kia is hardly a premium brand. The two screen layout and some of the interior also looks cheap.

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      Yes, Model Y.
      2nd safest car in the world, only to the Model 3.
      Software updates over the air every ~20 days for free that add features - mind blown.

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      Kia is pricing themselves as a premium brand. I am shocked that the Ev6 GT is $110k. I must be old because Kia and Hyundai were the value brands but I guess that's not the case anymore. I assume it will be the Chinese brands that will come in and fill that gap now.

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        I would prefer to buy Japanese brands like Mazda or Toyota or Honda any day ,than Hyundai or Kia. Although I have had a kia, but it was a rebadged Ford, but it was pretty average quality, and really cheap hard interior plastics. Kia seems to be the budget brand of Hyundai. Toyotas new EV looks nice, and hopefully it will be under $80k

        • I think that's pretty old school thinking (no offense). I think the Hyundai and Kia can do good interiors and I think their build quality is good. I'd place a bet that you'd find better body panel alignment on any Kia/Hyundai than anything rolling out of Tesla's factory.

          Kia and Hyundai are doing well with the Ioniq5 and Ev6, and all reviews have been very positive for both. Plus, Hyundai can do good materials, look at any of the new Genesis products - they're holding their own against way more expensive cars. The problem we have, specifically with Kia and Hyundai here in NZ is that you have to get the top trim level to get the nice interiors with all the tech that makes these cars stand out where as in North America, a lot of the nice stuff is standard. I mean, this seems to be true for all brands but Kia/Hyundai really stand out to me in this regard. It might not be so much of an issue with the Ioniq5 and Ev6 and a lot of that interior design is standard across the range, but look at something like the Sportage, Tuscon or Carnival. Our mid spec EX models almost seem lower than base models in other markets. Having to buy and pay for the GT top spec doesn't make sense IMO.

          • @Guy from Canada: I agree that the Tesla build quality is probably not up to Hyundai's, and would be something that does put me off buying one. But still think in terms of overall reliability, Japanese brands like Toyota, Mazda and Honda are at top, and why I would prefer and EV from one of those, preferably Toyota due to good experiences. Hyundai is probably getting up there with Japanese brands, as they have improved a lot over the last 20 years, but pricewise Hyundai /Kia are already priced up at the premium Japanese car price level in NZ. But in terms of the Kia EV6, reviews are mixed over reliability with electrical issues with t heating which put me off, because I would want to make sure it has long term reliability. Reliability with electrics is also something that puts me off Teslas..

          • @Guy from Canada: Have you seen bad panel alignment on a Tesla in person before?

            • @phillq: Yes. I think Tesla are good at making at the EV side of things (powertrain, software and charging) but they're fabrication or QC seems to be lacking and I wonder if that is due to trying to keep up with demand. It will be interesting too see how things go with other vendors entering the EV market across all price ranges, especially if someone can sort your the charging network as well as Tesla has.

              • @Guy from Canada: So at their first factory when they were still in their learning stage, their panel gaps were very bad (on average). However cars that come from their factories that were made after their California factory was made, e.g. Shanghai, Berlin and Austin, the panel gap problem has been solved. So this was a problem in the past, but has since been fixed for cars that are ordered today.

                • @phillq: I would hope so. That said, I few month back I was watching Throttle House's review of the Model X Plaid and some of the body panel alignments on that car look shocking - like so much so that maybe it's just the camera angles/lighting playing tricks on the eye because I don't see how that could pass QC.


                  • @Guy from Canada: Yea all Model X / S's are made in their first factory in California.

  • Ahhh….expired, I missed out.

  • Just watch, they'll be all over Trademe and Facebook Marketplace now.

    • Car scalpers are the worst.

      • Car scalpers very popular nowadays across nz and oz because of the shortage and long delays for brand new cars at dealers. They’ll be like, i got my brand new hilux arrived in the country today but I’m selling it now because i have been lucky to order new ford ranger. And a lot other lame excuses like these.

  • Whenever I see a new Kia, all I can think is that they hired someone to rip off the Nine Inch Nails logo.

    And they probably paid a lot of money for it.

  • Expired already? Was planning to buy 8 and resell for $10,000 more then buy a tesla with the profit.

  • When buying a new car, people should be able to get a good discount during negotiation.

    • I thought new car prices are firm. For toyota they are set the same country wide.

      • That's correct, Toyota moved off a high/low strategory for a total drive away price strategy, felt i was more transparent for the customer.

        • *strategy

      • Depends on brand Mazda and ford are knowing for discounting. Family member got thousands off a cx-5 by phoning around dealers a couple of years back.

        That said current market conditions for new cars are tight. Little point in offering discounts on a car with a 6 month wait list.

        Yes toyota changed to firm prices a few years back.

    • Depends on brand, and market conditions. People I knew got like $5k off a mazda CX-5 a couple of years ago.

      Note that Toyota and Honda moved to a firm fixed price model a while ago, and tesla allways ran one (Toyota has a volume discount for fleet customers), so no negotiation when buying those brands.

      Current market conditions for new cars are very tight. Many model's have 6+ month wait's. As such I doubt car dealers are giving much in terms of discounts for anything that is not run-out / ex demo. Even in some cases, ex-demo's are being sold for more than new cars as they are available now.

      Basically minimal chance of getting a discount on anything new that is electric or hybrid under current market conditions.

      • I agree. But hopefully the supply problems will change at some point in the near future. The question is when.

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