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Amazon Kindle eReader Touch (10th Gen) White $98.99 Delivered @ PB Tech


White for this price, black is $114.
Use code freeship for free delivery.

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  • are kindles or kobos better?

    • +2

      Kobos are much more open than Kindles.
      Last time I checked you can use more file formats and load books easier.

      • +3

        If you tech savvy then Kindle can be good to get books on there via a aroundabout way.
        Kobo is much much easier as it links directly to overdrive, so you can borrow ebooks from the library and it will just work.
        Got the wife a Kobo and linked to her library card recently. Works a treat.

      • +1

        Kindle is finally expected to change later this year to support the much more widely available EPUB format.
        Currently I need to convert from epub to the Kindle Mobi format if I want to send books to the kindle which, although straighforward enough, is another step in the process.

        • If you jailbreak the kindle then it will support more formats, i did this so i didnt need to convert them.

      • +2

        Calibre software can solve that, it's just a couple clicks and can convert all formats to a Kindle-compatible format.

        • That's what I use.
          The send-to-Kindle email function is really simple to use but only supports the Mobi format so requires a conversion first which Calibre does.

      • It's super easy to change file formats.

    • +1

      Kobo 100%. Native integration with our local libraries means you can borrow and return books directly from your ereader. Yeah, sure you can download the file to your computer, convert it then send it to your Kindle. Or just buy a Kobo…

      I've read 30 books his year which I borrowed, I've saved about $700 in just 6-months with a Kobo. The extra cost for the Kobo was worth it. Might not be for you idk.

  • i really want a new device, i still use a sony prs-t1. heres hoping colour ereaders become more mainstream soon

    • They don't seem to really offer that much of an advantage over B&W.

      • Oh I was thinking for reading comics and textbooks

        • True. You probably want a bigger screen for that too. I suspect the demand isn't there yet, so the cost still high, because LCD ipads are cheaper and can do far more.

  • Warehouse price beat

    • no beat "price match the item to $98.99 since this is an electronic and gaming item. "

  • +1

    That's a good price! I just bought one for $130 a couple of weeks ago.

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    Great price, bought one for 120 a week ago 😭

  • Got mine today, was an opened/used product from the warehouse. Dirty finger prints all over it, i would hate to purchased it for more in this condition.
    But its on a lower firmware so i can jail break it.

  • Cheers for the great deal! I just grabbed two, for the wife and I.

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