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BpMe Free Reward - $0.15 Fuel Discount, Small Wild Bean Café Hot Drink or Ultra Clean Wash @ BP


If you have already signed up there should be a tile on the BPMe home screen to 'unlock a freebie'.
I assume you must be running the latest version of the app.

*The car wash appears to be the best value as you can choose any wash on offer.


(a) sign-up or log-in to the BPMe app;
(b) tap on the promo tile;
(c) add a registered AA Smartfuel or AA Membership card (if not yet loaded to their BPMe account);
(d) select one of three rewards; and
(e) verify their mobile number

Rewards are one of the following 15c per litre fuel discount, Small Wild Bean Cafe hot drink or Ultra Clean wash*.

If you select a coffee

  • then one free coffee will be applied to your BPMe digital BPMe digital rewards card. This coffee is valid:
  • for 30 days from the time, it’s added to your digital BPMe digital rewards card;
  • at any Wild Bean Cafe;
  • for any small hot drink with up to one of each extra:
    • flavour shot;
    • coffee shot; and
    • non-dairy milk; and
    • for signature blend coffee beans.
  • If you choose to redeem the free coffee on a medium or large drink, or add more extras, then you will pay the difference. You must scan your BPMe digital BPMe digital rewards card in store when making payment.

If you select a car wash

  • then one free Ultra Clean wash will be applied to your BPMe digital BPMe digital rewards card. This Ultra Clean wash is valid:
  • for one year from the time it’s added to your digital BPMe digital rewards card;
  • at any BP Connect; and
  • for any wash.

If you select a fuel discount

  • then a 15 cents per litre discount will be loaded to your AA Smartfuel account as balance.
  • This fuel discount is valid for use on a single transaction of up to 50 litres of fuel., AA Smartfuel terms and conditions apply.

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  • Very good news. The Mobil touchless washes aren't cutting it.

    • My mobil isn't touchless, didn't realise they did touchless.

      Is BP's better?

      • +1

        All my local ones are touchless whereas the BP is not. I find the touchless ones to work the same amount as the rain

    • The brushed ones are great if you really don't care about your paint.

  • Thank you.

  • Can someone clarify how the BP fuel discounts work? Can cards that are linked be registered on the app separately? There is only one card showing on the app as linked to my account for me but I have other cards that are linked through onecard. If they can be registered independently, doesn't this mean I can get the 15c discount on each card and then stack them?

    If no one knows I will find out my self

  • Done

    Thanks op

  • Thanks OP.
    I saw the ad for this but assumed I would need to create a new account to get it.
    Didn't realise the 'Unlock a freebie' option was available without needing to do anything further.

  • Thanks OP, good find

  • Does the 15c stack on top of the current 6c off?

    • +1

      Yep. Its loaded into your AA smartfuel balance. So you can accumulate your discounts and use it all at once

      • +3

        Regret redeeming that coffee now lol

  • thanks OP, took my car through the wash today!

  • +5

    My wife and I have linked smartfuel cards and both claimed the 15 cent discount through our apps and now have 30 cents total discount.

    • Great to know.

    • great tip thanks

    • Interesting. And how long does the discount last on your smart fuel card again? 3 months?

      • +1

        Until the end of the following month. If you claimed it today, the discount(s) would expire 31st July

    • +1

      Thank you. Managed to create and link 4 cards. Got 60 cents discount in my account now.

      • Damn! On to it!

      • -1

        This is what I was talking about in this comment here

      • how do you link cards? what do i need to do?

        • I'm guessing step (c) in the instructions

          add a registered AA Smartfuel or AA Membership card (if not yet loaded to their BPMe account);

          • @Wakrak: I already have a registered card against my account though, can't seem to link another.

            • @MoistLanguage: Guessing it's something to do with creating another Smartfuel account and linking those together based off what Devolution said

              My wife and I have linked smartfuel cards and both claimed the 15 cent discount through our apps and now have 30 cents total discount.

              Hopefully someone has the right answer for you.

              • @Wakrak: sorry, another question. I have the card linked to my BPme app but I don't have the card (must have lost it) does the amount get deducted automatically if I pay through the app?

      • Is 4 card the maximum to be linked together?

        • No, but you may need to do it through onecard, I had 10 linked last time I checked. Although I will be doing it on a clean set of cards.

          • @Bill: I try to link more than 2 card just now, the 3rd card doesn't show up, did you manage to link more than 2?

            • @Geoffgo: Did you do it on the onecard website and not on bp?

              I haven't gotten around to it yet so can only base off of prior knowledge, hopefully will soon.

              • @Bill: I tried to link them with AA Smartfuel App, and login into BP App to claim the 15c. The 3rd card I tried to link won't show up in the linked card list

                • +1

                  @Geoffgo: You should try through the countdown website. It will all be linked in bp if it's linked in onecard.

                  • @Bill: Did you get more than 60c discount?

                    • @Geoffgo: I did :)

                      • @Wolfy: Good one! How did you do that? The 5th card I linked when I tried to claim the 15c it said "all rewards have been claimed for this account"

                        • @Geoffgo: Register one cards separately then make an account on bp with a new number each time to claim the 15 cents off and then link all the one cards. If the price of gas is say $3 a liter then you will need 20 cards for a free 50 liters :)

                          • @Wolfy: Ok I guess the trick here is claim the 15c before you link them is that right? I group them before I claim thus only 60c max. Also a bit a hassle to do it lol you will need different phone number for register BP account, 20 cards are a lots of works..

                          • @Wolfy: Where did you link all the cards? Onecard or AA Smartfuel? So you didn't add multiple cards into 1 Oncecard account instead you registered them separately and then link them all together in One Card account?

                            • @Geoffgo: AA Smartfuel. yup register all the cards separately then add them all once they each have the 15 cents

          • @Bill: I also create a new BpMe account, claim the 15c before I verified the email…and the 15c didn't credit to my account…wasting my time lol

  • Looking forward to my small coffee soon lol

    At least this worked unlike Z's fake vouchers

    • mobils worst

      • I have received mobils sign up vouchers no problem

  • Great post thanks!

  • Awesome thanks for the post! Unless you have a good current stack for fuel, the car wash is probably the best option!!!

    • +1

      Yea i had a quick look on the app and unless you’re able to link 4 cards to get 60 cents worth of savings ($30) the most expensive wash at $25 is probably better value. But then again with 4 cards you could probably also claim 4 car washes…

  • Not working, says unable to communicate with server

  • +1

    Thanks OP.

    Does anyone know where's the best BP carwash in Auckland?

    • Second this I'd love to know. Some stations appear to have the newer, latest gen carwash machines.

    • I know the new lynn bp has a new one that I would rate very highly. Most car washes nowadays are either newer touchless, or really old brushed ones, since the touchless ones are much cheaper to install and maintain than the brushed ones. But the new bp one is a really comprehensive brushed one, and it's only a few months old, so the brushes should be in relatively better condition.

      • +1

        The Newmarket one is being refurbished so I look forward to giving it a test run once it has finished.

  • FYI still need to verify your phone number to get the freebie

  • I can not use same AA card number for more new accounts. It says “ something not right, Hmm,we’ve hit a problem. Please try again later. You can pop in store or call 0800 … if you need help. “ anyone else have the same problem ?

    • Just get a stack of smartfuel cards and link them all

  • I've linked my wife's card to get 30c off per litre. Does it stack with the Wednesday 10c off to give 40c off per litre?

    • Yes

      • Sweet

  • +1

    I had heaps of trouble as the text verification code would not enter. In the end I changed my android keyboard to the Google one and no problems. Just in case anyone else is having the same issue.

  • Small queue of about four cars today at BP Lunn Ave in Auckland for a car wash. Seems we all know about the freebie

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