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Contact Energy: $200 Off When You Bundle Broadband with Power and/or Gas (New & Existing Customers, Exclusions Apply)


Repost as previous post expired (and clarification).

For new and existing customers when adding broadband to the "Broadband Bundle" plan (i.e. not available for other electricity plans e.g. Good Nights).

Could potentially be able to join Contact with refer a friend $100 off on no contract plan and later add broadband for further $200 off (I have not tested this).

From the website:

"Get broadband from just $59.99/mth when you bundle Broadband + Power + Gas
Get broadband from just $64.99/mth when you bundle Broadband + Power

  • Unlimited data
  • No fixed term, no break fees, no hassle
  • Bring Your Own (BYO) modem or order one from us (P&H fee applies)
  • One handy bill

Prices include GST and are for Fast Fibre connections only."

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Referrer and referee receive $100 credit each.

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  • Can you join this to get $300 off and switch to Good Night Plan?

    • Don't see why not, no fixed terms. But the broadband would cost you $5 more per month.

      • Plus an extra $100 off your power bill for an average household, because Contact is scummy and hikes your power rates sneakily when you add Broadband.

  • I looked into this a few weeks back - when you select the broadband bundle their power price per kWh goes up. Be careful when doing comparisons. It's scummy af.

    • I assume that the pricing doesn't change from excl. GST to incl. GST to seem like the price goes up?

      • No, it's not the GST component.

        Contact literally adjusts up your base kWh rate when you add Broadband. You can see them do it online through their sign up page.

        For my location, standard rate is 27.025c/kWh, but adding Broadband makes it 28.175c/kWh. Daily charge also goes up from $1.116/day to $1.171/day (but that part is not significant).

        Assuming you use 8000kWh (the boundary between low and high user), that cost increase on the unit price adds up to about $100/year.

        • But also consider the discount on the internet. Standard rates for unlimited 300Mbps download speed is $80-85.

          • @dealhunter: Though also available for $57.95 a month through Slingshot or $52 a month through Skinny with their 4 months free offer.

            • @Wakrak: Are you calculating in discount? I'm getting $59.95 with Slingshot bundled with power and $78 with Skinny (unlimited 300Mbps).

      • For me, including GST:

        All Day Economy (Low User) 28.75c/kWh
        Daily Charge (Low User) 69c/day

        All Day Economy 21.62c/kWh
        Daily Charge $2.285/day

        Compared to Good Nights:

        Charged: Midnight - 9pm (Low User) 33.235c/kWh
        Daily Charge (Low User) 69c/day

        Charged: Midnight - 9pm 24.265c/kWh
        Daily Charge $2.28/day

        Basic plan:

        All Day Economy (Low User) 27.37c/kWh
        Daily Charge (Low User) 69c/day

        All Day Economy 20.7c/kWh
        Daily Charge $2.175/day

        Electricity Authority Levy 0.15c/kWh


        Compared to Slingshot unlimited internet ($59.99) EXCL GST

        All-Inclusive Usage Charge / Per kWh $0.2930
        Daily Charge $0.3000

        All-Inclusive Usage Charge / Per kWh $0.2195
        Daily Charge $1.9130


        Outside of the internet bundles and minus discounts, Powerswitch currently telling me Frank Energy would be the cheapest by over $100:

        Daily charge: $0.3450
        Uncontrolled: $0.2715

  • This post prompted me to check my plan. I didnt realise how much their daily charge had gone up.
    I’m with contact since last year on low user and currently pay 0.30 cents daily charge. Now all their plans have a minimum 0.60 cents daily charge, which is on average an extra $10 per month…

    • Check your bill though, you might still be fixed onto old rates.

      • +1

        Nah i didnt sign up to a fixed term/rate plan and i received a letter advising of the price increase a couple of months ago.
        Just surprised the daily charge didnt increase yet on all their current plans now it’s doubled to 60c per day. Not complaining at all lol

        Electricity description Current rates New rates
        Daily Charge (Low User) 30.00 cents/day 30.00 cents/day
        All Day Economy (Low User) 21.5 cents/kWh 23.3 cents/kWh

  • Hi I'm with Contact. Taking your suggestion 'add broadband for further $200 off'. Where can I see this offer? Not seem to be on their website?

    • Sorry looks like deal expired

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