This was posted 4 months 5 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Xbox Series S $439.20 Delivered @ Warehouse Stationery


Cheapest I've seen one of these. With the 20% off they are $439.20

It's also possible to price match noel leeming or JB hifi at $529 and still get the 20% to bring it down to about $423.

If you've not had a new account you can get another $10 for registering before the 20% to bring it down to $415.20.

Unfortunately welcome 10 doesn't seem to work on the Xbox so the $10 was the best I could get to apply.

Original warehouse stationary deal:

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  • Could you price promise @ The Warehouse and get 10% off for $395.20?

    • It's a tech item so they will only price match them with competitors, that's why I could only get it down to $529 before the extra deductions. I don't believe they would price match after vouchers have been applied either.

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    There is no way I need this too, but am I extremely tempted? (Yes!)

    • I have a massive Steam library where I've only played about 10% of my collection, and Epic Store library full of free weekly games that I've never installed and a PS4 that I only play about about once a fortnight yet I'm tempted to buy this…

  • Hey guys, new to the Xbox world, any idea if it is worth to join Xbox game pass?

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      Yeah xbox game pass has insane value if you game regularly.

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      If you can get this for $415 and use the old VPN trick to convert Xbox live to gamepass you will pretty much have 3 years of games on tap for about $550. The Microsoft acquisitions will start to release titles at some point and once they do they'll all be on gamepass, so there should be some AAA level games coming soon. At $100 a game if you bought them 6 games and you're up on buying games.

      Personally I did the gamepass trick for pc games and ended up buying an Xbox one to use it more and get my monies worth, now I'm upgrading to this mainly because I don't get much gaming time and I seem to spend most of what I do get watching loading screens. Also have some serious frame rate issue on the Xbox one I'm hoping this will iron out.

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        Gamepass is fantastic - definitely max out the three years you can get heavily discounted (and honestly, I think the RRP is good value too - but why pay that much if you don’t have to!)

      • Hey do you have a video or post sharing the trick you're talking about? I'm a playstation user and thats honestly the deciding factor to get game pass or no

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          It’s been 2 years since I did i upgraded my gold to ultimate, so do check it is still on offer to new subscribers.

          Key point I think is not to sign up for the one month gamepass trial first - get your 3 year subs added and then convert

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            @NZ Buc: It can be had cheaper using Vpns if you are willing to buy turkey or Brazil based codes for the Xbox live.


            • @Everettpsycho: Hey thanks guys, went out this morning and bought it. Also the xbox games pass trick worked too thanks so much. Would you guys know if getting region locked keys from like would also give me the game or is it better to just wait for a Microsoft sale? Thanks again

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                @Doofus1237: You need a VPN to use redeem them but they should work. Just use a computer or phone on the VPN and go to the redeem code page to claim your game. It'll then be in your account without the VPN.

  • Hi, how do you get the extra $10 off? Welcome10 doesn't apply to the Xbox? I'm pretty keen on flicking my PS4 to ebgames and grabbing one this weekend.

    The link didn't come through when I signed up on my mobile. Worked when I signed up on a desktop pc.

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      Sign up with a new account and they usually email you the voucher a few minutes later.

  • Is this the new xbox?

  • Ordered mine just before posting the deal friday and picked it up from warehouse stationary Saturday. I believe if it's a store that's inside a regular warehouse and has then in stock they just sign the stock over and you can get it the next day.

    For $415 I paid it's a good little box, took no time at all to migrate from the one s and the improvements to load times and performance is worth it.

  • Didn’t need one yet as have an Original Xbox One which is super slow now, and having just got the game pass 3 months for $1 I decided to go for it. Really decent price!

  • ugh.. I bought this on the 5th of June and I still don't have it!

    • Their delivery window is 2-4 business days so you still haven't surpassed that yet.
      The 5th June was a Sunday and then Queen's Birthday Monday so today is only the 3rd business day.
      If you haven't got it next week then I would start making a fuss.

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