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Free Genshin Impact Mega Deal Bundle @ Epic Games


Enjoy :)

The Mega Deal Bundle is a limited-time free giveaway on Epic Games Store. It contains Hero's Wit ×5, Mystic Enhancement Ore × 10, Mora ×80,000, and Adventurer's Breakfast Sandwich ×5.

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  • Epic MEGA Deal:Play Genshin Impact through Epic Games Store between June 2, 11 a.m. ET to June 9, 11 a.m. ET to claim your giveaway items!

  • Been playing this game for almost 2 years now, to be honest, these aren't really "give away" they are considerably easy to get. But regardless, it's a really fun game and the story line is really attractive

  • How is Genshin Impact these days?

    I played it for a while but then kind of drifted away.

    I imagine they've probably opened more locations since. When I played the cold mountain was the most recent addition.

    Have they added any exciting new mechanics? Or is it still the same kind of thing, just more of it/bigger?

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