$10 Credit for Mevo


Another $10 credit from Mevo.

Other codes that may or may no longer work.


Credit expires 2 weeks after activating. Unsure when the code activation expiry date is though.


Available in Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington.

Grab a flex car on-demand. Park anywhere in the zone.

Find available cars throughout the city Flex Zones and reserve them for 30 minutes for free. Schedule a future trip at your chosen date, time, and location for a small fee.

Take convenient one-way trips within and between the city Flex Zones. No scheduled return time - you'll get the best capped price automatically. Park almost anywhere in the Flex Zones whenever you're finished.

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$20 credit for referrer and referee.

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  • The $1500 excess if a bit of a bummer though… Wish there was an option to pay a bit more and reduce it to $0. For example, wouldn't want to pay $1500 if someone bumped into me while I was parked. Any more info that I'm missing?

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    What happens if I'm involved in an accident?

    After you have contacted emergency services and/or our support team we will ask you to complete an incident form as soon as possible. Each vehicle carries claim forms in the glovebox. No excess is charged if you are not fount to be at fault and you can continue to use your Mevo account provided there is no criminal investigation or excess payment outstanding.

    • Thank goodness, that had me worried

    • Nice!

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    Use referral links above for a further $20

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    Also code: NIGHT for $10 credit

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    QBDAY and QUEENSBDAY $10 each

    • Thanks for the other code 👍

    • thanks man! weird they have 2 birthday codes haha

  • Just returned from a 2 day trip to Tauranga, drove 535km and ended up only paying $154.20 (including petrol). The level of worth is actual insanity…..

    • Could you do a cost breakdown? Just the cost of petrol would be close to that amount or it that after the promo code discounts because I can't calculate it. 2 days for the polo would be $150 + 135km @ $0.25/km = $33.75 = 183.75. Been wanting to do a road trip as well but waiting for the ev's.

      • +1

        The $75/day comes with 200km mileage. Only once you go over the 200 do they charge $0.25/km.

        Total trip 535km, 48 hours 7 mins, meant I ticked over into day 3 and got 600km mileage. Just had to pay for the 7 mins.

        (75x2)+(0.60x7) = $154.20

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