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Free Packet of Diamond Supergrain Risotto 150g (Any Flavour, Coupon Redeemable at NZ Supermarkets)


Free packet of the new Diamond Supergrain Risotto. Just fill out the form with name and email address and you will be emailed a voucher! Got with My Healthy Food Guide! Redeemable at NZ supermarkets! Some tasty looking flavours including vegan ones!

This is an internet voucher: A good quality print is required. ALL words and details must be readable. Single use only. Only one voucher is permitted per shopping transaction.

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  • Thanks OP

  • +2

    cannot use gmail + trick fyi

    • That's a shame; it's such a great way to redirect their spam away.

    • Bulc.club or similar services work and is better than the Gmail + alias trick anyway.

  • Thank you Shaz!

  • Flavour reviews?

  • +1

    No more
    We're sorry…
    Sorry our supply of coupons is now exhausted.

    • they tell you this after you sign up, will see if i get any spam from them.

      • Yes they still get my info without giving me freebies..

  • Yeah it said coupon exhausted.. is these coupon generic and can be share?

    • I am thinking about this as well, though would be verging on the edge of unethical. Typically, since these are just print outs and are not updated live as in each voucher gets scanned and removed from a list of unique vouchers codes when used, they are very easy to exploit. Won't be generic but is generic enough that all the unique information can be edited to create a new voucher. Plus can just reuse as well since they aren't going to find out until way later.

      Anyone with a copy can pm me it and I'll get on it, not a screenshot, a true pdf to make things easier for me.

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    I managed to grab 4 freebies

    • Some will love, some will hate. I'm here for the comments 🍿

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        Comments? I'm just waiting for his to be negg'd into oblivion lol.

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    Looks like it’s working again - received the coupon in my inbox just now :)

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    I got the coupon ..it's asking for password..any idea about password ?

    • Where? Can you specify or link a screenshot?

  • How many coupons can one person claim?

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