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Farmer Brown Cage-Free Barn Size 7 Eggs 12pk - 2 for $5 @ New World, Howick


New world Howick.
2 for $5 eggs deal. [in store only]
12pack eggs 2 for$5

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New World
New World


  • You could get 30pk eggs for around $10 in places like Fruit World or other similar shops. That is 25% more eggs in comparison to paying $10 for 24pk from New World. In Chinese or Korean supermarkets, they are usually a lot cheaper as well.

    • Last week at PnS Wairau, 30x size 7 eggs were $6.99 a tray, this week 30x size 6 eggs were also $6.99 a tray.

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      If you would look at the deal again, it's 2x12pk i.e.24pk for $5 not $10.

      • Good deal from a New World, saw a person carrying out a box. Eggs are also not expiring soon.

    • Price has gone up a bit, but I can generally get Albert's Eggs for $6-$8 from Golden Apple in Henderson size 6 or 7 depending on the relative price. However these aren't specified as cage-free barn so I'm fairly sure they're cage eggs (since AFAIK it's still the norm for the cheapest eggs), and suspect it's the same for those you're thinking of

  • Dang looking at the comments, eggs are very expensive here I tot it's nationwide shortage but seem like it's not the case, I'm paying 12x size7 for $5.5, the cheaper one is out of stock all the times.

    • Eggs always gave a clearance if they are near their best before dates, so it's all about timing.

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    Kings Mart in Avondale has bloody cheap eggs majority of the time.

    Size 7 30x eggs for $6-7
    Jumbo 20x for $6-6.50

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