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Corsair Force MP600 Core 2TB QLC NVMe Gen4 SSD with Heatsink (CSSD-F2000GBMP600COR) NZ$335 / A$296.88 Shipped @ Amazon AU


Saw the Corsair Force MP600 Core 2TB NVMe PCIex4 Gen4 SSD 4950/3700 MB/s 580/380K IOPS 450TBW 1.8M hrs MTBF with Heatsink AES 256-bit Encryption 5yrs wty sold by Amazon Australia at a lowish price. Not eligible for free shipping so comes to AU$296.88 after GST adjustments and shipping or NZ$335 (mid market + ~2.5%). Only one in stock at the moment but more on the way and I think you'll be able to order when it goes out of stock at least until they sell too many or deal expires.

This is basically the same device as the Sabrent 2TB Rocket Q4 (QLC) I posted 2.5 months ago but $13 more expensive for the device before GST adjustments although coming with a heatsink, no free shipping and worse conversion too so ends up nearly NZ$30 more.

Since it's a gen 4 it will work on a PS5. It probably won't meet the minimum recommended read speed but so far that isn't an issue. However according to reports, the heatsink isn't compatible you won't be able to close the door so need to remove and probably replace or something else.

I'm not sure if this is a good deal if you don't need it for something where gen 4 is required like the PS5. For example you can get the Crucial P5 for about NZ$30 less albeit not clear when it will ship. And it's been cheaper before from Amazon US. And the far better gen 4 P5 Plus was only $30 more recently. While that deal is gone (and I think will be worse now given currency), these sort of deals are getting common

Although a generation 4 SSD, this has QLC NAND (Micron's 96L) so has all the QLC disadvantages. It uses Phison's E16 so does have DRAM cache. Sequential speeds only tend to give you a small benefit for most purposes compared to 4k random etc. So with the QLC + weak Phison E16 controller, even within the SLC cache region, you tend to get similar or sometimes even better with a good gen 3 drive in real world use. The P5 isn't as good as the Samsung 970 EVO Plus but isn't bad. And with a QLC, you really don't want to be writing before the SLC cache has recovered.

It also has a lowish warrantied 450TBW over 5 years although IMO that tends to be overblown. For most consumer purposes. at that level you're unlikely to ever reach it. (The details say 1440TBW but that seems to be a mistake copied from the older MP600. The title concurs with what the Corsair website says and what's expected for this device.)

Since the Sabrent 2TB Rocket Q4 and some other devices are basically the same thing (anything with Micron's 96L QLC and E16), you can basically interchange them in reviews.…

Some reviews:
(look at the MP600 Core not the Sabrent Q4 since that's a 4TB and 4TBs can perform different due to more dies)…

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Is qlc usually worse than tlc?

    • Worse is relative, but as a general rule yes. Vastly oversimplifying a really complex thing, the more bits per cell, the worse the performance but the cheaper the price per gb. Other advancements in PCIE, controller design, etc can help negate some of that impact thou.

    • Yes, significantly. See the comments here:

      It's not just performance that makes it garbage.

  • If you don't need PCIe 4.0 the Crucial P5 is a good deal… at aroundd NZ$ 305 delivered.

    Almost as good as Samsung 970 Evo with TLC, a fast controller and 1200 TBW. I bought one recently and it's works great with my PCIe 3.0 Ryzen motherboard.

    It's showing out of stock but you can still order. Took about 3-4 weeks to arrive for me.

  • If you are looking for cheap storage the 2TB Kingston NV1 can be had from BH Photo for NZD $260 delivered

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