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20% off Lifetime Plex Pass. US$95.99 (~NZ$148.67) @ plex.tv


Saw this in an email. Not the cheapest, but still something.

Geek Pride Day is May 25, but we’re celebrating all week long. As a thank you for being uniquely geek, we’re extending all Plex pros (that’s you!) an offer to upgrade to a Lifetime Plex Pass for only $95.99 USD!*

*Now through 23:59 UTC on May 27, 2022. (12:00 May 28 NZST) Lifetime subscriptions only. Example price in USD. Exact pricing in other currencies may vary.

Redeem code GEEKOUT at checkout.

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  • What are the main benefits of Plex lifetime pass? Currently I stream plex content onto my TV.. would this benefit me in any way..?

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      For me its the hardware transcoding and being able to download shows onto your phone for offline play.

      • Zidoo Z9X can play full remux files with ease and it is basically compatible with every format there is. I thought I would install PLex on zidoo but so far I have no need for it. It handles files from my server with ease.

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      that's what I used to think, I signed up for the fee month last month and now that it's expiring.. I want to keep the plex pass going - just skip intro itself almost feels to justify the cost..

      • I guess I never watch it via mobile devices so have never had to see any intro.. or ads..

        • neither do I .. I have shield running my plex server.. but every show has an intro right? it's a one button skip

          • @suitcasesocks: Gotcha, similar to netflix etc. I guess that's not worth $150 to me. Thanks for the insight though!

  • Can anyone point me in the direction of a good online tutorial to set this up to play my own media?

    Not the most tech savi person so the more basic thr better! :)

    • Your pretty much need a Nas server, Nvidia shield, raspberry pi or something that's always on to take full advantage of a Plex subscription.

      • May eventually do this but my initial thoughts are to set this up on a laptop or old desktop as most of the viewing will just be at home

    • Start with looking up Radarr and Sonarr

      • Thanks will take a look

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      Recommend Linux (eg. Ubuntu) and then dockstarter is probably the easiest method, although this might be still a little bit difficult if you haven't used linux before.



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    Some users on Ozb have recommended taking a look at Jellyfin, which is completely free and has no monetisation.

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    FYI you should be able to change your billing country to Turkey and get this cheaper.

    I've just taken a look and with this code, it's ₺653,33 TRY (which converts to around $63 NZD).
    This took into account my current monthly subscription though, so there will be around ~$5 difference in there.

    From what I've read over on Ozbargain, you may need a Wise card or something similar to successfully pay.

    • Wise doesn’t work.
      Tried all the methods from ozbargain as well. Doesn’t seems to be work.

      They must fixed unfortunately.

  • Syncler+ with real debrid.

  • Plex is really important for me, my whole family know how to use it which is a good measure of the interface. I run a 4TB external drive from an NVIDIA shield which acts as the server and player for our main TV. Now that I've forwarded the ports properly with my router, I can stream flawlessly to any mobile device but more importantly to our android tvs at our beach house some 200km away. It's something we use everyday but even then I don't see the advantage in the paid subscription. I'd pay maybe 50NZD but no more, the extra services just don't mean enough (in my opinion).

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