Free - Tesla Service Manuals @ Tesla


Credit to mydealz. Just use a random European address to sign up for free.

Service Manual, Parts Manual, and Body Repair
Tooling Catalog and Wiring Diagrams
Service Bulletins
Labor Codes and Times

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    Now I just need a deal on Teslas that brings them into my price range… 🤔

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    nice try dealbot, everyone knows teslas dont need servicing /s

  • Why go to all that bother when they're freely available to download on the NZ site?

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      These are basically like the owners manual while the service manual is more like how to disassemble and reassemble your Tesla right down to the modules.

      • Ah I see - I didn't actually download it 🤦🏻‍♀️but the page read as though it was a service manual. I'm gonna go ahead and blame it on my aphasia lol.

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    They have increased the cost of their diagnostics software, they will just get you that way.

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