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Epson XP4100 Expression Printer $69 Delivered ($49 after Cashback) @ The Market (Requires MarketClub)


The market currently has this printer down to $79 (so do the warehouse if thats your go to).
Using SAVVY10 for an extra $10 off to bring it to $69, and then Epson have a $20 cashback or $40 cashback (with instant ink).

Link to Epson cashback

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  • It looks like you can get compatible ink cartridges for it so you don't get reamed with the cost of genuine ink.

    • Hi itaketime,
      We am currently using an HP 3-in-1 Printer, and each time we need to replace the cartridge its painful to the wallet
      @$30 for Black (Standard) and $40 for Tri-color (HP 62)

      If I change to this Epson, what kind of cost are we looking at for cartridge?

      Thanks for your help :)

      • I'm too lazy to do the full maths, but it'll be cheaper.

        A full set of Epson compatible will set you back ~$70 (affordableink.co.nz)
        This should give you ~500 pages of black and ~350 pages of colour (each cartridge) so if you had 5% of page yellow, 5% cyan, 5% magenta, then you'd get ~350 page yield (if I understand it all correctly.)

        Your standard HP genuine cartridges will yield ~220 pages, and colour yields ~165 pages.

        You can also get HP 62XL compatibles (which hold more ink than HP XL genuine) for $40 - black and $40 - colour, or $70 for both.
        These I would assume would yield similar to the Epson compatible for a similar price.

        Might be a better option, saves you from buying a new printer. I've bought some for my Canon printer from affordableink.co.nz - ink seems fine from what I can see and they also sell HP, Epson, Brother inks & toners.

        • The genuine HP 62 XL are $60 Black and $80 Colour, So a compatible set from affordableink.co.nz for $70 seems pretty good.
          Another question: The affordableink.co.nz website for the Compatible Ink does now indicate how many page it can do, how did you know HP 62XL compatibles holds more ink than HP XL genuine?

          • @aih-lun: HP 62XL is listed on HP website and under 'Specs' of the cartridge it lists how much ink it holds (well, it says delivered…no not sure what the technicalities of that are)

            Genuine HP 62XL:
            Black: 12 ml
            Colour: 11.5 ml

            Black: 16 ml
            Colour: 18ml

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    Also the printer is an XP4100, not X4100. Damn typos!

  • Where is a good place to buy ink refills from?

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      I personally get mine from affordableink.co.nz

  • Is The Market a retailer eligible for the Cash back?

    • According to the Epson promotion site there it just needs to be a "New Zealand Epson Stockist"

      "Once you have purchased your eligible Epson product from New Zealand Epson stockists you must enter your details on this website"

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      You are buying from The Warehouse via TheMarket so it will be fine

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  • Thanks, purchased one

  • Canon TR7560 3200 pages for $50, just refill the bundled carriages and override the ink level from the cartridge chip (push and hold a couple of buttons). I've had mine for three years now and still using the same bundled cartridges that it came with. These cartridges are ink supply type rather than printer head cartridges, so you just refill through the foam outlet.

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      Could you please make a video or mark up on a photo of the cartridge where the ink should go in? I bought this printer through the cashback deal 2 years ago. When it ran out of ink I bought a set from trademe for $65 but it only lasted something like a dozen pages. What a rip off. I've seen this comment from you earlier but I'm not sure I can make it work after spending $50 on bulk ink as you suggest. Thanks.

      • Disable the printer ink monitoring each time a cartridge runs out https://tinyurl.com/y3j3o2lm. , Refilling Canon cartridges https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_NIYoCHbsU , I get my Ink from trademe, here's the example https://tinyurl.com/y5y4z78j

        • Impressive you've turned the printer into an ink tank. I still hate cartridges with a chip but you've managed to take advantage of the lower cost of the printer that comes with the chips. I think this is not the same for all printers though, which may not provide an option for disabling ink monitoring.

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            @Bill: That’s right only some, so I have another new one still in its box.

        • Thanks so much for this. I'll watch the clips more carefully and see if I can trust myself to follow the instructions.

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