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70% off Fieldcrest Bedding, 60% off Electrolux Vacuum Cleaners @ Briscoes


Stumbled across this this afternoon. Quite some discounts if you are after some homewares

Like any briscoes sale, literally everything is on sale. Some good discounts to note;

70% fieldcrest duvet covers, sheets, towels; https://www.briscoes.co.nz/search/?s=1503040+1505035+1506040...
60% Electrolux Vacuum Cleaners; https://www.briscoes.co.nz/electrical/vacuum-cleaners/vacuum...
Looks to be at least 30% off heaters, a good time to buy heading into winter https://www.briscoes.co.nz/electrical/heating/

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  • Any free shipping codes?

    • I don't think so - BUT:

      If you make a new account, you can get $10 off $50. That covers shipping and then some. Use the newsletter sign-up link at the bottom of the home page.

      • Signed up but not recieving any email from briscoes

        • It took a few hours for mine to come through when I last did it. Hopefully you get a code before the sale ends.

    • +1

      I used WEL-YAMB22RJDJ last week for $10 off $50 if that helps. Unsure if still valid.

    • +2

      ABA-RPAB22RDH2 for free shipping.

      One use per account.
      Still working now.

  • In terms of Electrolux, looks like their standard sale price. I got the Electrolux Power Force Dust & Gone last year for $280? and 5/6 years ago for $299.


  • The Fieldcrest towels are really good

    • Which ones do you recommend? I see they have Egyptian cotton, Turkish cotton, and Microcotton options.

      • I've been trying to figure out which type the ones I bought a couple of years ago are, but they don't have any sort of identifying mark, and the design at the edge is totally different. Even for composition the tag just says "100% cotton" rather than anything specific.

        I think the grades might refer to softness, with the Onur being the softest. I think I'm going to try a couple of different ones.

  • Did Briscoes usually have any discount on clearance items or it will be always excluded at all?

    • You mean along the lines of 'extra 10% off clearance'?

      • Yes something like that, was eyeing on a beach trolley hopefully it will get discount more. The clearance price is actually same price as the sale price they had before.

    • I have never seen them discount clearance further. Briscoes clearance seems to be the bottom of the barrel in terms of price.

      • Oh bugger!

  • Another flash sale.

    Got a superking sized comforter for $51 delivered.


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