10 Custom 2'' x 2'' Key Rings US$9 Delivered (NZ$14.15 Approx, Was US$26.00 / NZ$40.90) @ Stickermule


10 Custom 2 Inch x 2 Inch Key Rings US$9 Delivered (NZ$14.15 Approx, Was US$26.00 NZ$40.90) at Stickermule

Free shipping in 4 days.
Get your custom keychains fast with 4 day turnaround and free shipping.
Get an online proof.
Review your proof shortly after checkout and request changes until you're happy.

Our custom keychains are printed in full color at no additional cost.

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  • +3

    Wonder, if we setup the referral system and get $10 each, could that be used to help pay for this?

    Looks like OzB has a referral system for SM. I'll put in a request.

    • Great idea. Thanks Wakrak.

    • +2

      Great idea, although looks like there are a few caveats on the store credit.
      Main ones being that you need to spend $30 USD for it to be applied to an order and it expires after 90 days.
      Link from the help page

    • Did you hear anything back about the referral system?

      • +1

        Not yet. Guess whenever Neil is back on Cheapies is when I'll get a response.

  • i am not sure on 4 day turn around though, i am still waiting for stickers i ordered in early April :(

    • i was wondering where they are located, then i went to the about page,i dont want to forget that i ordered this and have to do a follow up month later.

    • Yea more like a month and a half turn around. I ordered the last sticker deal on April 8. Estimated delivery was April 25 and they got delivered today May 18

    • speak of the devil, mine just turned up today

  • Can't think of what to print as Keychain.. Any ideas?

    • Throw together an image with your name and phone number?

    • QR code of your phone number in case they get left behind somewhere. The 'QRcode Monkey' website is pretty good for doing it.

  • I paid $14.62 with debit Visa card.

  • I don't see where you can preview the design before purchasing?

    • +1

      They will send you an image sample via email that requires your approval. If you accept, you will then be charged.

  • My order is now on its way.

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