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Jabra PanaCast 20, 4K UHD Webcam $130.34 Delivered @ NanoByte Solutions (Requires Free Account)


Probably a pricing error like what happened with the Samsung 980 Pro. Or just a massive price drop.

Paradigm PC
- now out of stock.

Details (from Amazon)

  • Max resolution: 3840x2160 @30fps
  • Camera: 1x 13MP
  • Hortizonal FOV: 90°
  • Cable: USB-C to USB-A 1.5m (3.0)
  • Speakers: no
  • Microphones: 3- built in
  • AI processor: yes
  • Vivid HDR: yes
  • Intelligent zoom: yes
  • Certification: Zoom, Microsoft Teams

Price elsewhere

$493.89 PB Tech
US$314.75 Amazon
AU$429 Mwave
$501.35 + GST Acquire

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  • I paid $127ish with my card on PP.

  • +1

    Price is back to original price. It is also showing as out of stock for me.

    • Cheers. Changed it to the NanoBytes link.

      • +1

        Nanobytes looks like they dont use a system with live updating stock - its still showing 23 after an order. So they could be OOS or not honour.

  • It's back in stock at NanoByte Solutions for ~$130 delivered

    • I marked it as out of stock because of what eXDee said above, but here’s hoping that your order is successful.

  • Saying in stock currently too

  • Just put in an order and sent bank payment. Shipping is a bit steep at $20. Hope it works out.

  • Ordered from nanobyte, fingers crossed 🤞

  • Ordered looking forward….

  • Just got an email from PP.co.nz

    "Unfortunately the Jabra distributor listed these units with an incorrect price which in turn means we listed the wrong price on our website too. 😐
    While we do have checks in place to try and catch these errors, sometimes some manage to slip through the system.
    Regrettably as the supplier will not honour their listed price, it means we are unable to complete your order.
    As we are unable to proceed, I have processed a refund back to your card…"

    • Same here. Bugger. Tempted to put an order in at NanoByte now.

  • +2

    Ordered at NanoByte, a rep contacted for the order saying will proceed once received fund.

    Transferred $ on sat and settled this morning.
    Got an email from them saying ETA would be 2-3 weeks and replied happy to wait.

    Still appear in stock there so you may order it I think.

    • Sweet. Just placed an order now. Refund from PP arrived pretty quick.

      This is the email I got

      Thank you for your business with NanoByte Solutions. However the item which you have ordered is currently out of stock and has no ETA. Please advise how you would like to proceed.

      • do they give you the option to wait for stock?

        • I replied with

          I'm happy to wait.

          Yet to get a response.

          • @Wakrak: let me know i'll need to make an order too

            • @Huntakillaz: aww shoot the price went up :(

              If anyone got a spare they'd like to offer let me know

      • They emailed me as well..

        Good Afternoon!

        We have just received information from our product manager that this item is Out of stock and has no ETA.

        My apologies for the inconvenience caused.

        Please advise how you would like to proceed.

        Will reply happy to wait too.

  • Just had my order cancelled also with the same email as above

  • Sounds like they might refund me

    We have just received confirmation from our supplier that this item is OOS and no confirmed ETA.

    Bit of an odd email because it again asks me what I would like to do. It's basically a reworded version of the previous email.

    • Same here, got the same email to my "willingness" to wait email

  • Hm so they said OOS and no ETA but have updated the price to 485.27 and keep it as in stock on their website…

    • I just sent them a message talking about that. Why have it available to order and in-stock when you're saying it's the opposite? Said I'm still happy to wait until stock is available. See what happens.

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