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Sceptre 20L Fuel Can $24.90 @ Bunnings, Hamilton South ($22.41 via Pricematch at The Warehouse)


was looking for some 20lt petrol containers and noticed these were available at Bunnings Hamilton South only . All Bunnings stores in Auckland seem to have sold out. The Warehouse has exact same container for $38.

Link to Warehouse : https://www.thewarehouse.co.nz/p/scepter-fuel-can-20l/R13257...

Pricematch on The Warehouse website: open account and quoting Bunnings link /Warehouse link and email in Livechat

Have joined Costco and my idea is to fill up car plus containers each time as we live in on North Shore and Costco is a little way to go in Westgate for us . Want to maximise savings buy getting as much as possible each trip !!! BTW petrol there is 40c ltr cheaper then elsewhere right now .

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  • Sweet thanks waiting for WH to price beat

  • Been doing that to maximise the 50L savings (eg. AA Smartfuel or Flybuys) for our small cars…haha

    • Or make the trip to Costco @ Westgate ($2.497/L) and fill up there. (membership required)

      • Costco 91 shot up 14c today…haha

        • Fuel prices in general has gone up as well. Approaching 3 bucks again. 4 bucks is predicted too yikes.

  • how many of these did you buy lol? one weeks worth?

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    Be careful with transporting and storing these. Petrol fumes are fricken dangerous.
    Make sure you go from Costco straight home, and have a window partially down. Then store them in a cool area not in the sun and away from anything flammable. Ideally they’d be kept outside, but that would likely cause water contamination.

    • Yes, don't store it in your car for long periods of time. I've seen people do that in the middle of summer - not a good idea. 20L is a good amount to store.

    • Yes will do.We have 2 vehicles so wont be storing for very long .

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      Water contamination isn't too much of an issue as these containers are pretty well sealed, if you want you can wrap them up with a bin liner. But thermal expansion and contraction during the day/night cycle (especially during summer), as well as security are bigger problems, when placed outside in a shed or outdoor storage box.

      • Yeah good point. Long term the humidity will slowly get in. But if it’s just for a week or whatever then it shouldn’t matter.

  • heh, I do this. Usually, go through a car tank a week, but the cheapest gas is out by my parents who I visit once a week. Fill up my car ~50L and then 50L of petrol cans for my partner's car. It's usually ~30-40c/L cheaper than the station by my place and it's only a 1km total detour to get the cheaper fuel.

  • Good way to horde fuel before the 30c discount expires next month.
    There is a law where you must not hold more than 50L of flammable liquid in a container at home, but whose going to know?

  • Someone is tying to clarify the ethanol content of the fuel, apparently Costco mentioned in an email that the fuel "does contain Ethanol for both 91 and 95 octane", whatever that means. Costco fans FB group links below:



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