Gregg's Special Blend Coffee Powder Refills 90g $1 at The Warehouse


Really cheap coffee and it's honestly fine to drink.

Also comes in granules for the same price:

Limit two.

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The Warehouse
The Warehouse


  • Is it the normal price 😑

    • $2.49 at Countdown so decent saving here..

    • For The Warehouse, yes, but still cheaper than everywhere else.

  • there is a limit of 2 but none for the market

  • Is greggs brand.
    $1.99 PnS.
    $2.49 Countdown.

  • Yep, stocked up when they first dropped the prices, no limit then.

  • Horrible stuff, may as well mix gravel and water in a cup!

    • +2

      MetroMag ranked it 2nd for instant coffee in NZ. It can't be too bad.

      • It's perfectly good to drink. It's what I had as a student for 7 years.

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