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Oculus Store 30% off Eligible Apps


30% off eligible apps on the Oculus Store. Expires 15 May 2022.
I recently purchased a quest 2 and was looking to buy Virtual desktop and the code worked just fine with 30% off.

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  • Last few times this deal has been posted it was usable on just 1 game/app. It this still the case or can it be used multiple times?

    E.g., https://www.cheapies.nz/node/27938

    Looks to be targeted according to OzB folk. Works for those that have received the email.

    • I didn't get it by email, saw an ad on Facebook.

      • Oh that might be different then. It normally is though. Though being on Facebook it can still be targeted 😁

  • Yeah, this is targeted. I get one every month or two via email.

  • This is always individually targeted, to obtain them just don't buy anything for a while. There are different discount amounts between 10% and 30% always the same code but linked only to your account and can be used only on one item. They're not suppose to stack with already discounted items but occasionally they do

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