This was posted 7 months 1 day ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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$20 off Your First Order @ Uber Eats


Working code for me! also works with new Prezzy cards!

Working code for $20 off: PMNZ21 also PMNZ2021 (all working)

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  • @Wakrak feel free to fix the title up if you need to!

  • Can you use this $20 discount and get the $10 cashback for kiwi wallet?

    • Try it and let us know how you get on.

      Did see this on Kiwi Wallet

      Using voucher code not listed on our website void your cashback.

    • You can use ShopBack as well, they have both UberEats AU and UberEats NZ. Every now and then the Australian one goes up to $20 AUD for the first purchase and $3.00 AUD for existing. You can use the AU one and it will still track, even with promo codes.

      Edit: For reference, my friend got 10 coupons for $15 off $30 minimum orders, they track just fine and some of them are steadily being confirmed.

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    Didn't work for me. Does anyone know how to create a second account?

    • My guess is new simcard and credit card? + this code has been around since 2020.

      • A new simcard is all you need. Probably worth noting that the $20 off cannot be used towards the delivery and service fees. I got $19.60 of food for free, and paid a $4.45 delivery + service fee.

        • Can you get the 4 weeks free uber pass trial for free delivery?

          • @Stoic: Ooooh I am not sure sorry, already made my order, but let us know if you find out!

          • @Stoic: I got the 2 weeks free Uber pass trial offered in the app and it worked fine. Our whole order should have been $55.57 but got the chips for free for having a $35 order (in app restaurant offer), then $20 off plus free delivery made it $22.68, awesome that they all stacked!

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        I used a new simcard, credit card and did the gmail "trick" by putting a dot somewhere in my email address.
        When I ordered something on Thursday with the 20 dollar off it wouldn't let me. I applied the $20 off but when I placed the order it said something along the lines of: Cannot use this voucher as you don't meet the terms and conditions. Place remove the voucher to continue.

        I figured somehow they know I used it before with another phone and email address.

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          Possibly the address then? Think that was the reason why I got denied when using these codes a year or two back. To get around it, think I manually entered in the address and made it look slightly different. Was easy to do though because I lived in an apartment at the time.

          • @Wakrak: Good point! I did select pick up but entered my address when signing up I think.

            I'll give it try next time, thanks!

        • I got an order placed and confirmed. Used a differnet SIM and different email (just a completly different, not the dot technique that I've read people do)

        • For many years now (maybe ten years - hard to recall), when we store email addresses, we always remove the dots from gmail addresses since it makes no difference anyway:

          ([email protected]) we store as ([email protected])

          We also store gmail addresses with plus symbols without the plus or remainder:

          ([email protected]) -> ([email protected])

          Not sure if there are any implications (the only one I ever thought of is that it might trash any filtering that the recipient does), and we never send out marketing emails of any kind (only order confirmations, invoices, statements, and specific one-on-one emails if we had to query something or there was an issue with their account or a reply to a query they emailed to us) but nobody has ever commented, and we don't get bounces or failures to deliver any more than we might from any other addresses.

          My guess right from the get go is that most businesses have been well aware that these are equivalent addresses.

          In terms of a physical address, if you live at 123 Acacia Avenue, you could try entering 123B Acacia Avenue - that might be enough to get past that kind of check?

          • @Alan6984: Last time I used my neighbours address and went out to meet the driver when he arrived!
            Or you could just do pick up.

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      Just used a brand new sim and a PayPal as a payment method and it worked. Only had to pay for $5 service fee

    • Gotta load up on those free sim cards when they pop up.

      • also, the warehouse mobile sims are only $1.

        • Or be a real Cheapie and get it from Warehouse Stationery using the WELCOME10 promo code for $0.90c each click & collect.
          Code requires email address not used previously.

          • @bigcheese: Would they ask question when I order 10 and C&C? Lol

            • @Geoffgo: No I don’t believe so.
              The WELCOME10 code just gives a 10% discount off your first order which is why you need an email you haven’t used before with Warehouse Stationery.
              It’s meant for Biz-Rewards customers but there are no checks.
              The order value/item ordered doesn’t matter.

            • @Geoffgo: they come in outers of 10 by the way, and the numbers go up in increments of 1. Would highly recommend buying in 10's - no questions asked or sus looks either

            • @Geoffgo: Does each simcard have to be properly registered before you can use it?

              • @Shanika302: If Uber send verification code to phone number

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                  @justaddwater: You don’t need to register a sim to receive verification codes.
                  Simply having it in a phone is enough.
                  Registration is only required if you want to send a txt or make a call.

        • Thanks forgot about the $1 sims from The Warehouse just ordered 6 sims.

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        If you're in Auckland, the Pak'nSave in Royal Oak has been selling 2degrees sims for 50c each for years

      • Forget buying them just walk into a hostel and go grab them off the brochure stands.

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      I think they track the IMEI number of your phone? So if the code is for 1st and 2nd order only you won't be able to redeem it.

      • I don't know of any way for a third party to track the IMEI number of a device - only the telco (maybe) can see that, but perhaps I am wrong?

        How do you do it?

        • Not sure but I use the same account with the same code on a different phone and it works.

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    I recommend actually just creating an account and waiting. After a week or so, they might send you a $30 off your first order promotion. My flatmate got $30 off his first 2 orders, for reference.

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    Was trying this just earlier before I saw this post
    New sim + new email but using a cc that's been used previously and the code gets removed after "Cannot use this voucher as you don't meet the terms and conditions. Place remove the voucher to continue."

    So seems there's a limit to how many accs a cc can be added to for this promos to work

    • you need another phone

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      Umm, I had a similar issue with my card. Except if I enter my card number manually, it wouldn't move, I had to scan my card, then it when through.

      Maybe this is a way to check for multiple cards, like if they find one card is linked to another account, they need you to provide prove that you physically have the card, but thats just my theory, don't know if its true.

    • Open a account, and create new credit card number each time;

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      Looks like the account got blacklisted because can't even accept a referral comes up as "This account is not eligible for promotions"

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    Odd thing to ask but I'm stuck.
    I keep getting this message " this payment method is being shared too many accounts ".
    However I have deleted the payment method from all my accounts and still don't seem to be able to use it.
    ( paypal won't work either )
    Anyone have any suggestions on how I can fix this?

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      Open a account, and create new credit card number each time;

      • Uber, and several other services I've tried using deny wise, Uber is the only one I can think off the top of my head though, maybe Netflix too

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          I haven't tried for a while, but last time I did, my Wise card worked fine on Uber Eats.

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            @Alan6984: maybe a different part of my account I messed up then, I recall something about it considering it a gift card or such (it also detects bonfire cards, but not prezzy cards, relevant as of 2020). Ive tried 3 times, once on an existing account to buy legitimately, and twice on new accounts, none seemed to work for me

            btw I see someone downvoted you so maybe others have tried to no success as well?

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              @Rowjo: Uber fails quite often in my experience - their tech chops seem to be very poor, and there is no pattern to the credit cards (fails on my ASB Visa sometimes, and you can't get more solid and boring than ASB).

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    Is it expired now? It still works for me

    • Worked for my 2nd account as well.

  • I just got this via email


    *Terms and conditions apply. Get 50% off your first 4 orders with Uber Eats by using promo code 2022EATSNZ. Valid until 6/6/2022. Maximum of $20 off total order value applies. (excluding delivery and other fees) The user must apply the promo code in the app before completing their order. The offer may not be combined with other offers. Taxes and delivery fees still apply. Only valid where Uber Eats is available. See the app for details.

    • Thanks, Wakrak! will be sure to try it when my sim from the warehouse arrives!

      • Won't work on new accounts. Only if they are a few months old.

  • I tried but the code PMNZ21 was expired.

  • I've tried new device, new number, new email address, new physical address and both are saying expired

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