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Queen Sized Mattress $701 Delivered @ Emma Sleep


In the market for a new matress and discovered this deal.

Noticed its significantly cheaper than similar products like Ecosa and Winkl but can not find much to suggest they are much better in quality.

Would love to hear from anyone who has bought a matress form any of these 3 companies.

50% is a Mothers day deal "ending soon"

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$50 coupon for referred member ($290 Min Spend). $50 rebate for referrer paid to bank account (once 100 day trial is complete). Referrer must contact Emma to claim rebate, you will need to ask the referred member for their order number to claim (AFTER the 100 day trial is complete).

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  • Can I use the referral code to get the $50 off but will this interfere with the 5% kiwi wallet cashback?

    • Reading through the previous deal posts, people report having success with both the referral offer and 5% kiwi wallet.

  • These used to be $550 before :(

    • Yeah, pretty sure that's what I paid. And got 5% back too.

  • Thanks have added referral to price.

    Still super keen to hear anyone's feedback if they have bought from Emma :)

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    I was looking for a new mattress about half a year ago. I tried out Emma after a coworker raved about it and seeing relatively frequent discounts on Cheapies.

    Both my partner and I found it a bit soft for our liking. She's a sidesleeper and I do a mix of side and back. Otherwise it was a nice mattress and an easy delivery and return.

    We then tried an Ecosa. It was noticeably quite a bit heavier and taller than the Emma. Comfort-wise, it was a bit firm, even on the softest (medium) setting. When I emailed to return the Ecosa, they offered a free mattress topper which ended up being the goldilocks for us.

    In summary, personally:
    Emma: too soft
    Ecosa: too firm
    Ecosa + Ecosa topper: just right

    Never tried the Winkl for reasons I can't remember. Regardless, they all offer trials so worth going for it. Just make sure you put mattress protector on them because they won't take stained ones.

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      Do you remember what you paid for the Ecosa topper? It's $384 on discount at the moment and as someone who's always found their Ecosa mattress too firm I'm considering it. But it's a lot of money to put down with no return option.

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        I heard a rumour (so don't quote me on this) but possibly if you buy an Ecosa mattress and ring and try to return it within the 100 days saying it is too firm then they may send you a toppa for free…

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        I got it for free after saying I wanted to return the mattress because it was too soft.
        They also said if I return the mattress I can choose to keep the topper if I pay 80% of retail price for it.
        But I wouldn't have bothered if it wasn't free tbh

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    Has definitely been cheaper if you click on the Emma Store link on this page

    February = $624
    January = $482

    • Wow, $482 was a solid price!!!

  • Quick 5 minute Google, found coupon code GINGER5 = extra 5% off. Brings it down to $664.05 before referral code.

  • i envy you guys just being able to buy a mattress without trying it, i did it once and ended up with shoulder and back pain as im a side/face sleeper, ended up getting a plush pocket spring mattress.

    • These foam mattresses all have multi-month trial periods so you can "return" them (the mattresses actually get donated to an op shop) and get a refund if you don't find them comfortable

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    I had this mattress and have just recently returned it, cost $532 for the queen.

    Was too firm for me, and smelled very strongly of chemicals for months, when it changed to a musty type smell. The handles ripped immediately on trying to use them to carry the bed, so I guess they are just decorative?!

    Customer service was the best I have ever had from any company. So fast and friendly, like shockingly good. Refund received around 20 days after the Op shop Lads picked up the mattress, as I payed through Zip and that slowed things down a touch.

    My wife didn't mind it, and couldn't really smell it after a week or so, I guess I'm just a sensitive soul :)

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    I got an Emma mattress a few months back. No issues with any smell or anything mentioned above here.
    I did find it too firm though initially, but when I made contact they offered me a comfort layer (topper) free of charge and extended my trial by an additional 2 weeks from when it was received to give me time to try it. I found this just right with the topper and really like it. Have kept it obviously 🙂

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    Interesting, i have opposite experience to @paenne

    Emma was just too firm for us, both wife and i. It gives her aches on her back as the body doesn't get conformed to your body.

    I on the other hand, thought it won't affect me. But after a few days, i realized that its a little firm for my comfort. Im a tummy sleeper, and it isnt comfortable.

  • Love my Napp mattress. Nice and soft without being too soft

  • I ha e used Vendella to outfit an AirBnB with beds which guests have commented on the comfort of the mattresses frequently. You could try something like this out.…

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