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Bose Soundbar 700 (Black) $849 (Was $1045) + Shipping / Pickup @ JB Hi-Fi


I know that Bose is not for everyone and that there are other soundbars that are better performing at a lower price.

However, we personally have this soundbar and can't really flaw it.

I believe that this is the lowest price I've seen it advertised at.

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  • Store in title OP.

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    av receiver with speakers is the better option. fuller sound, better audio quality, real surround sound especially Dolby atmos. you cant match it without speakers on or in the ceiling.

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      There are lots of reasons to get a soundbar over an AV receiver. Personally, I have a receiver-driven 7.1.2 setup in the living room, and a soundbar with 9.1.4 in the bedroom. Both do the job well.

      • if you don’t own, ceiling speakers can be difficult/impossible to install
      • size - the TV might not be in a room focused on media, so you might not want multiple speakers everywhere
      • cables
      • price
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        and many reasons not to buy one. tiny speakers = worse sound. inadequate subwoofer. upfiring speakers which are INEFFECTIVE AND USELESS.
        you people really don't care about the best audio quality possible?
        the sound quality alone is the reason you buy av receiver with speakers.
        you will never convince me otherwise. if a soundbar matches the quality. i would have one myself.
        And yes i do own one and never use it anymore since replacing it


        one person who bought one was extremely disappointed after it doesn't sound the same as another person with a av receiver with speakers.

        • The link you sent is full of Luddite sexist narcissists who clearly value audio quality over all else, including any form of decency to half of the human race. Makes you look like one of them.

          Soundbars 4 Lyf is what I say. Never heard an AV sound half as good as my $200 Panasonic sound at. This Bose must break audio quality records.

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            @BabySeaClown: your right. its all about sound quality and immersion for maximum enjoyment and its not the same. if your watching a movie don't you want the best audio quality?

        • Mirroring BabySeaClown’s comment - I’m also surprised how sexist that linked post is. Even in your linked thread, though, some respondents thought soundbars were fine.

          You’re arguing a completely different price range, and I still disagree. A soundbar is the equivalent of a multi-channel satellite system - I wouldn’t expect it to compete with full range speakers, because it’s not meant to.

          Personally, I use a Samsung Q900a with the SWA-Q9500s rears. For me, the upfiring speakers work very well, and my bedroom is a small rectangle, so the side firing speakers are also effective. An 8” sub is more than adequate, though I agree there can be limitations with smaller drivers. I connect via eARC to my TV, and I’m done.

          My living room setup does sound better to me, but I spent more than double - an entry level Atmos amp (Sony STR-DN1080) was ~$700 alone. The speakers were ~$1,500, subwoofer $400, and the heights were ~$400. For $3k, I could basically buy my soundbar and the OLED it’s connected to.

          When I’m watching a film, there’s a different timbre, but I’m no less impressed from either setup.

        • I think you would find it depends a lot on what you are doing.
          I have both a sound bar and a full system (A/V receiver speakers, sub etc) on the same TV.
          The inbuilt TV speakers are rubbish so the soundbar is perfect when watching normal TV. The receiver is only used when watching a movie.

  • I really want to hear sonys 360 spatial audio. Something like the ht a9s would be nice and wife friendly for our living room.

    Now that their top soundbars also support it im extra curious. Especially with my odd shaped living room. I like that (at least according to reviews) these systems auto calibration seem to work decent.

    Everytime someone says get a receiver there is always a but on the end. It will work better but…. Costs more just get 5.1 to start then upgrade when can afford etc I'd love to be proven wrong though.

  • Any suggestions to either buy Bose 700 or Sonos soundbar and woofer. Not sure which is worth the spend.

    And I also see Bose released 900 series sound bar. Is it worth considering ?

    • I have Sonos Arc sound bar, it’s very good.

      • Thank you for info

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    Thoughts on this one or Sony HT-G700?

    Gona use that with a 75 X90J

    • We have it with a 65" Sony A8F. It's great.

    • did you ended buying the Sony HT-G700? thoughts?

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