Netflix Turkey Price Rise up to 40%

I have my Netflix subscription billed out of Turkey and just got notification my monthly subscription is going up about 40% from next month.
It is still dirt cheap - I have the Premium Plan and it is going from 54.99 TL to 77.99 TL.
In relative NZ terms that means going from about $5.62 to $7.97.

I see this is mentioned on OzBargain as well.

More just an FYI than anything to anyone else who gets their Netflix this way.
Be interesting to see if this remains the cheapest place to get Netflix.

Does anyone get their Netflix out of anywhere else?


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    $2 extra a month will help get back some of that $50 billion they've lost……

    I have 1145 TL credit on my account, it currently says my premium sub will see me through to Jan 17th 2024 but with the price rise I think that'll drop down to sometime around July/August 2023, still cheap as chips.

    • Wow you went all out with the Netflix credit - I thought my credit of 400 TL was enough!
      Definitely cheap as chips even with the increase. Wish I had done this a lot sooner than I did.

      • how do u get these credits?

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          You still have to buy the credit but since it is done through Turkey the credit is in Turkish Lira.
          Turkey is one of the cheapest places to buy Netflix.
          I did it by purchasing Netflix Turkey gift cards.

          There are a few posts around on how to do it - have a read of some of the comments in this post.

          • @bigcheese: Thanks bigcheese!!!

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              @kronosxmate: Main thing to remember is that you must let your existing Netflix sub lapse first.
              You also need to have all your details up to date in your account before it lapses - phone number, credit card payment etc.

    • you cant pay for months in advance right? even if you get credits it will still be billed monthly at the new rate?

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        You can put your account into credit but it will be debited at the current price for a subscription when it comes round each month so no way to avoid the price rise.

  • Yeah, I go the email today. Going up to 57.99TL for the standard plan. I think it’s currently 42.99TL. So, approx $4.31 up to $5.90 per month. But hey, the NZ price of a standard sub is $18.49.

    It’s well worth doing the VPN trick with other streaming services too. I have Tidal for $1.94 and YouTube Premium family plan for $3.75. I think from memory I used Argentina for Tidal and India for YouTube.

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      Argentina is roughly $2.50 a month for the YT family plan if ya keen to change.

      Last 3 months I’ve paid; $2.42, $2.42, $2.56.

  • any good countries for Disney+?

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      I don't think you're going to save much going elsewhere.
      Here's an article with a comparison by country.

      Every so often you can get a free month of Disney+ with X-Box Game Pass Ultimate.
      They had this back in January - see my post about it here.
      In my case I don't use game pass at all normally but signed up in order to get the trial and then cancelled once I had Disney.
      Now I just keep an eye on the Game Pass Ultimate perks to see if Disney+ crops up again.

  • what card can be used to pay to avoid the exchange fees? I read on the ozbargain thread that they one over there. curious if we have one here.

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      Flight Centre card, if they still offer it, was the only credit card that with 0% foreign transaction fees.

      The Wise card would if you convert the amount first, not sure if you don't.

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        Wise card is one of the cheapest I know. Even if you don't have amount in same currency it will convert it and I think it is the same charge either way.

  • Any thoughts on how NF tackling p/w sharing will impact the Turkey VPN approach if they plan on charging for additional sub-accounts which cross countries - would Turkey to NZ attract additional charges?

    • I guess that will be a wait and see.
      At this stage they are still trialling it in a handful of countries which doesn;t affect NZ or Turkey.
      In the worst case - even paying two separate subscriptions would be cheaper than just one NZ sub.

  • FYI
    Netflix Turkey price is rising again.
    Just got my notification now that my price rise will take effect in one months time.
    Still heaps cheaper than getting it in NZ - looks about 20% for my Ultimate Plan, so about NZD $1.50 per month

    Basic: Currently 37.99 TL moving to 45.99 TL
    Standard: Currently 57.99 TL moving to 69.99 TL
    Ultimate: Currently 77.99 TL moving to 93.99 TL

    • Yup. Got the notification few days back as well.

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