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Sanitarium Weet-Bix 1.2kg $5 (Limit 2) @ The Warehouse


Another Kiwi staple reduced in price at The Warehouse, like the butter and milk deals.
This one has a limit of 2 packs but you can buy both in-store and online.
If buying on-line you can use the free shipping coupons while they are still available up until the 29th April.

By comparison this is selling for:
Countdown - on special for $6.70 down from $7.80
Pak n Save - varies depending on store. Was $5.99 at Riccarton but $7.29 at Sylvia Park

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    9 for $40.50 delivered at The Market if ya really want to be a Weetbix kid.

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      I looked at that on The Market but didn't think anyone would be keen on 10.8Kg of it!

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    $5 is a fairly common 'special' at CD, NW, and PNS, but still, a good deal.

    • Currently $6.70 for 1.2kg box at countdown on special

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        Sure, but that's not a 'real' special, that's just to try to get people who don't know better, or are too lazy to pay attention. Why would anyone buy Weetbix at full price - I never buy it at anything more than $5 for 1.2kg.

        It lasts forever, so just keep a spares.

  • Would be keen on bulk buying stuff like this, baked beans, soup etc as one of my kids is really fussy and only eats a few things constantly.
    Any suggestions for best place to buy in bulk?

    • That's the premise of Costco?
      Gilmores or Moore Wilson do some bulk items but the savings typically isn't enough for what I look at. Unsure if true bulk buy, eg. Small items x lots, but like 5L tins of baked beans

      • I usually use the market and warehouse when zip deals and discounts codes come up

        last time spent $80 for $120 worth of stuff

        But I'm a single person that that's about 2-3 months worth of stockup
        But you could do the same with family by having a few accounts setup depending on age

        • Agree

    • Maybe Bin-Inn for some products? (Cornflakes, flour). Don’t know how they compare price wise though.

      • My Bin Inn does flour at $1.29/100g so it's normally cheaper to buy at PaknSave on a sale. Cornflakes I don't buy so couldn't tell you but I do buy their Lite n Tasty for $0.99/100g which is $0.10 cheaper than a reasonable supermarket sale.

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          Flour at $1.29/100g or 1kg? I bought 20kg bag for $19.99 from the Indian grocery store.

          • @akrotohur: You mention you got it from the food for less place. Could you tell me what brand is the flour, and is there anything that shows it's lower quality? I have gotten the champion 20kg bags quite a few times, either beta or dover. Forgot what they mean, I think beta is the high grade and dover is the normal one. Beta was $32 I think, but that was during lockdown. I've been to the store once, wasn't very pleasant.

            • @Bill: Yeah, the store is not great in terms of presentation. I did google the flour brand, seems okay to me, Service Foods sells them too. "Bakers flour" sounds like high grade to me.


              I have also bought Goodman Fielder Premium Pastry & Noodle Flour 20kg @PnS Albany for $21.99 in Jan


              These flours work fine in my bread machine, not sure what's the difference.

              Ps. I just thought $1.29/100g is a bit expensive, that's why I asked…haha.

              PPs. I'm sure flour prices could easily be $1/kg or lower, they are just price gouging

              • @akrotohur: Thanks for your reply.

                For flour I'd expect the margins to be pretty low, the price gouging is happening at the supply level. There is simply not enough supply, so why sell out of cheap flour when you can sell at a higher price and still sell out. Basic supply x demand.

                $1 per kg might be the cheapest in NZ, and it is likely to rise with the wheat shortage due to lack of production this year.

                If you think they're ok I might pick up a bag sometime soon. I'm currently using countdown flour the same price as the warehouse market kitchen. $1.33/kg, not that big of a saving anyway.

                My only worry is the quality of the flour, if countdown and the warehouse can't get their prices that low, how are they able to?

                • @Bill: Cut with baby laxatives (shameless reference).

                  • @Foodie: Yeah, after sleeping on it and some consultation, I think it's a better idea to just pay the extra dollars for the champion stuff. Any white powder could be inside. And the champion stuff is higher quality than most consumer flours. It's extremely white. 25kg bag for $36 makes it $1.44/kg

      • its just best to buy from the supermarket/shops, bininn uses the same source.

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    Good to see The Warehouse providing some comp to the supers recently.

  • St. Lukes (Auckland), this morning


  • Hopefully The Warehouse/The Market gets into the Supermarket business for at least packaged products that aren't fresh/frozen

  • This is all very good, but they simply don't have the stock to supply some of these product. For example Milk and butter were all sold out at all the warehouses I visited. I do wonder if it was done in part just to get people in the store.

    • or possibly a test run combined with the publicity to garner initial attention before stocking up with a large quantity.
      I do hope they commit to this long term.

    • Yeah, they can't keep up, but it's probably also due to all the media hype this week. TWH used to sell the same butter at $5 and it's always in stock.

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    If you didn't know, Sanitarium pays no company taxes in New Zealand because it is run by the Seventh Day Adventists and "their profits help fund the church's charitable and religious activities" (but not new Zealand's health care or education system).

    That's not behaviour I can support.

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      I have to agree with that sentiment - but then it is a religious outfit, so you wouldn't really expect ethical behaviour.

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      all the more reason for me to just buy my usual What Biscuits/Biskits :D

    • Speaking of religion… The Righteous Gemstones is worth a watch if you haven't seen it.

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      But under sanitarium is bean supreme, lisas dips, vegie delights, naked crusine, alternative meat co and anything else under lifehealthfoods formally lisas health food.

      • Thank you! I have unknowingly bought "Lisa's Dips".

      • Damn, I (now used to) buy some of those brands.

      • Also the 'greater hummmmus'
        And Pam's,countdown etc wheat biscuits.
        And up and go

        How about how sanitarium took a small company to court over importing weetabix from the UK?

        • +1

          That's not very charitable. WWJD?

    • I think there are also some building product companies that do the same thing.

      • Which ones?

  • Same price at NW this upcoming week

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