Nice 3D Fruits Lollies 120g Bags $0.47 Each (In-Store Only) @ The Warehouse


Nice 3D Fruits Lollies 120g bags $0.47 each at The Warehouse.

Might appeal to someone.

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    Aren't all lollies 3D?

    • 2D ones sound a bit dangerous to eat!

      • They can cut your gums up pretty bad. Should really be recalled.

  • I'm always wary of a brand that needs to tell me it's 'Nice'!

    • Their candy canes were atrocious. After peeling off the plastic wrapper, bits of them still stick to the cane and you end up eating plastic with your candy blergh. That explains why there were still a pallet full when at 10c a pack during store clearance.

    • Can't speak for their other products, but we have found their sour gummy mix to be a winner - much better and cheaper than its Pascal or supermarket equivalents.

  • Back in stock with 34 units.

  • Back in stock with 46 units available.

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