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2 Litre Milk for $3 @ The Warehouse (In-store only)


Seems like cheapest 2 Litre Milk in NZ as of now. Pak n Save has the 2 Litre standard milk @ $3.91

Other Milk products at the warehouse.


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  • The milk is available in-store only so you should remove the shipping code from the deal.

    • Sorry, it's $3.91 at PNS, updated the deal now.

      • 2 for $5.50 at PnS Petone. $3.91 at our local :(

  • Also until the 26th it is 2 for $7


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      Get 1 for $3 or 2 for $7.
      What a deal at The Warehouse! lol

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      Better do separate transactions then 😄

    • Not sure what's happened there

      • I thought $3 was their usual price but maybe not.
        Can only assume it was more than $3.50 in order to make the multi-buy actually a deal at 2 for $7

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    Most of the Indian Grocery stores carry this for 2 for ~$6-$7 all year round. If you have one nearby just check it out.

    • The Indian store I frequent increased their prices a few days ago from 2 for $5.99 to 2 for $6.49, TWH is the cheapest now for me :(, ahhh…inflation

      • Still cheaper than the multi-buy of 2 for $7 haha…

    • So true. Yogijis in Chch usually got the 2l X 2 bottles of the Meadow Fresh farmhouse (silver top) milk for $7. Haven't been there for a while now.

    • Bombay Bazaar in chch has 2 ltr meadows fresh for $3.79.

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    Just found a cached page for The Warehouse 2L Milk
    It was $3.65 per bottle on the 7th April.

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      Yep, they lowered the prices of some grocery items today it seems. We should watch closely, another pricing error could be on the way…haha

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    Quite a few dairies do 2 x 2L for $5.99 - they often have a board outside advertising it.

  • Butter is $4 now in store.

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    Free for me straight from the cow. I've got no idea how much milk costs

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      he who has the cow has care of the cow 🐄

  • Petone and Lower Hutt Pak N Saves do 2x2L for$5.50 every day

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    Article on stuff website just published: https://i.stuff.co.nz/business/128327606/the-warehouse-serio…

    I guess more competition the better and Costco opening in Auckland will certainly heat up the competition on the warehouse, kmart and Briscoes group

    • And they'll have to stock more, $4 butter and $3 milk are no good if they're all gone by midday. PaknSave sells 100+ jugs of milk a day.

      FYI Costco is now open for membership applications, $60 for 12 months. Store opens in August (so if you pay now your membership will last till August 2023) but the member's only petrol forecourt will open next month. I got mine today just to show my support, as I drive an EV.

      • Costco is great, will definitely stir up the market. Probably don't be the first batch that rush in to pump their petrol, I've been reading about people seeing the tanker on site since weeks ago, not sure how long the fuel have been sitting underground…haha

        ps. I know you don't need to pump, just saying.

        • They print the membership card on the spot with your photo on it, with online I assume you'll have to supply ID online and pay for postage. Anyway the queue isn't very long now, the earlybirds already got their membership sorted.

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    Lotus supermarket in Manukau (Indian grocery) sells 2 x for $5.50 for 2litre - available in standard, light and full cream.

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      Makes you wonder how much cut throat profit our beloved supermarket chains are making. Com commission slapping them with wet bus ticket is certainly helping!

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        Ttwice as profitable as overseas supermarkets with more competition, the joys of a small market where duopolies thrive.

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        Well…they are making a million bucks a day…haha

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      My parents own an Asian grocery (also fruit & vege) store and I’ve seen the cost price that they purchase the milk at. Markup is very low (talking a few cents) and they would do multi deals like this just to get people through the door. Perhaps similar with these Indian grocery stores/dairies etc. Probably making very little off each sale.

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    Cheapest milk prices in Hamilton AFAIK - You Save Super market on Grey St.
    Green valley 2 x 2L for $6 (Blue top)
    Green Valley 2 x 2L for $6.49 (Grey top)

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      Cheers for the info. Not far from my work so might go home that way next time.

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