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Countdown Online 7.5% Cashback (for Home Delivery Orders only, was 1.5%) @ Kiwi Wallet


Countdown's been unavailable for cashback for the last month or so, but saw this advertised today:

Countdown is back from 11 April, offering 5X cashback
Kiwiwallet will be offering a triple 5X cashback of 7.5% (not 1.5%)

This offer will be valid from 11/04/2022- 24/04/2022

Countdown Online Home Delivery Order

Special Terms: Cashback is paid on delivery ONLY.

Cashback is not available through the Countdown iOS/Android apps. The cashback is not paid on Pick up, Lottery Tickets, Tobacco, Gift card purchases, Voucher Codes not listed on Kiwiwallet and purchases under $50.

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Referrer gets $5 after $20 of purchases from referee.

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  • How to use this´╝č

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      I've never used Kiwi Wallet but this might be a good place to start (KW help center)

      Here are the simple and easy steps to earn cashback:

      • Login to the Kiwiwallet website and search for the retailer you want to shop today
      • Click through to their website by clicking on 'Get Cashback Now'
      • Shop and pay on the retailer's site like you normally do.
      • The retailer pays us a commission for your completed transaction. We pass that to you as 'Cashback'. Initially, your cashback remains in 'Pending' status. Once the return period of your product is over and the retailer has confirmed your transaction then the status of your cashback becomes 'Confirmed'
      • When you have earned a minimum of $15 as Payable Cashback, we can pay the money to your selected payment method.
      • I do my grocery shop using the Countdown App (easier to use than the website). Then I go to the KiwiWallet website and follow the Countdown cashback button. I then finalise payment using the countdown website that opens.

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    Has anyone ever got cash out of this platform?

    I'm loosing trust in it as all of my countdown payments are "pending" since December last year.

    Is it normal to take longer than 5 months?

    • I have used it, but it required quite a lot of follow up. It's probably worth it only if you can be bothered with some admin.

    • For me the Countdown ones always seem to be approved in big batches, I had 8 of them approved at once about a month ago. Yeah a few months seems normal. I've claimed about $80 and have another $40 pending. Never bothered actually chasing them up about it, always just figured it takes as long as it takes. Each individual transaction usually isn't worth enough to worry about (about $1-2 back from my normal shop). Shopback seems to be a little quicker but then you've gotta either spend it as AUD through Paypal or eat the conversion fees to withdraw it to an NZ bank account. Haven't tried any of the other sites personally.

    • I have withdrawn about $250 and have another $100 that's I could withdraw now, $50 pending.

      not specifically countdown though

    • Took me about 2-3 months for my Allbirds and Lenovo cashbacks but did arrive in the end.

  • I've withdrawn about $150 over the last couple of years - no issues for me

  • Does anyone know if it is just for delivery or if you can click and collect? It says "Cashback is not paid on Pick up" but a bit unclear what this means

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      Pretty sure it's delivery only, but it works with the delivery pass (so you just pay the $1 bag fee as long as your order's over $80)

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      We use it for click and collect all the time and have payouts in KW available to withdraw.

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