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Repco Trailer Light Kits: Everything $25 (Pricing Error) @ Repco


This looks to be a pricing stuff up - YMMV

Currently advertised as 25% off but the pricing is way more than that.
In fact it looks like it's been priced at $25 rather than 25% off.
Many items out of stock online at my local (Northwood) but some examples from the website:

HELLA 12-24V LED Trailer Light Kit - $25 save $145. Available at selected stores only.

Narva LED Trailer Lamp Kit - Submersible - 2 Pce - 93750BL2 $25 save $220. Available at selected stores only.

12V Model 35 LED Plug and Play Trailer Lamp Kit (Square Lamps) $25 save $190. Available online and at selected stores

There are heaps of others.

Hopefully someone finds something useful and they honour the price!

Update: They have now fixed the error, although it is still showing as $25 on the search page as at now (11.55am) so I have expired the deal
Apologies if everyone got their hopes up on this one - obviously if it looks too good to be true….

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  • +4

    Looks like theyve made everything $25 rather than 25% off. I've asked my husband 3 times if he's sure we don't need new trailer lights 😆

    • That's exactly what it looks like.
      Definitely a pricing error.

  • +2

    Tempted.. don't even own a trailer

    • +1

      Me too!

      • +1

        No trailer, but ordered anyway. Got me some submersibles, so can put 'em on my sub.

  • Thanks. Grabbed one for my trailer.

  • +1

    I ordered a few things last night. Jockey wheel, trailer light kit, hubs and a trailer leaf spring kit (all listed at $25 each). This morning the 3 different stores I ordered from called me and canceled each order saying it was a pricing error. There were a lot more things than just lights that were listed incorrectly last night, maybe some people will get lucky with these items.

    • +1

      That sucks.
      Can't believe that its still on the website then that long after your order.
      I'm hoping some people get their orders.

      • -1

        Yeah was looking forward to building a new trailer on the cheap, oh well. I got the email about 7pm last night saying 25% off but when I looked a HEAP of things were $25. This morning I saw they had a notice on the site saying things were priced wrong but should show correct in the cart now but that still seems broken. I do agree with you in the other comment though, at what point do they have to honor a price error when its now been over 24hrs and they still haven't fixed the issue completely…

        • +3

          Probably skeletal staff on weekends haha. Skeletal in numbers and also ability 🤣

          • @bench: I bet the poor bugger in IT that stuffed it up won't be too keen to go back to the office on Monday.

            • @kul: Might be single point of failure. If they call in sick the prices will prob remain wrong 😂😂

    • I can only find lights for $25 now
      Do you have a link to the products like the jockey wheel and hubs that were cheap or are they gone?

      • -1

        It's all been fixed from what I can see. The ones I did order but were cancelled were Jockey wheel and Hub set. From what I saw the error applied to Trojan, Repco, Hella and Narva items. Pretty much everything of those brands were $25, which made it pretty obvious it was a error but there was still hope of getting a cheeky score lol.

  • I reckon they’ll cancel the orders

    • +1

      You could well be right and pricing mistakes happen all the time.
      However, based on the comment from kul above their order was done over 24 hours ago.
      At what point does it move from honest mistake to bait advertising when it is still not corrected if it's wrong?

      • +10

        That’s kinda a stretch - some poor soul in their web team has put the 25 in the wrong column of their spreadsheet and pushed it to the website.

        Bait advertising has to actually have intent.

        Repco still pretty old school and has the office closed over the weekend so I wouldn’t expect a fix until Monday.

  • $25 Save $1,286….haha, that's crazy

  • Can anyone confirm exactly what time these error deals went live?

    • See comment above from kul who ordered on Friday night - the evening of the 8th April.

      • -1

        I'd say any orders placed last night and this morning would be much easier to get honored after speaking to a manager or sending a complaint. A full business day to fix a pricing error seems fair

  • Similar mistakes have happened to the warehouse just recently and many times before as with torpedo7 and on all occasions have honoured their mistake but they do have fine print that states that mistakes can be made, and the order can be canceled. It beggars' belief that their IT marketing does not check their work, it's like the old government departments when the weekend comes along they're gone.

    • Animates gave out $20 vouchers for not honouring their pricing errors, Repco just cancel the orders…haha

  • I got the ready to collect message and when I was 1 minute away got a cancelled order phonecall. So close

  • Fixed Now

    • +1

      Funny thing is it is still showing as $25 on the search page but they have now fixed it when it goes through to checkout.
      I'll expire the deal now as it is obviously unobtainable.

      Looks like they have been getting a bit of slack on their Repco Facebook page about this.

      Sorry to everyone I got their hopes up!

  • Got two text and an email ready to collect, got ready to pick them up then got a phone call.

  • Airpoint spend reward credit/debit cards - do the points get removed if you get a refund?

    • generally yes as it's based on the total month spend

      • Need one of these to occur last day of month

        • thought about that, but wouldn't that mean a refund in next's months bill offsetting the total month spend of next month anyway?

          • @bench: I dunno, never tried and don't know their internal system for calculating it amd whether it goes to negatives

    • +3

      I was tempted to do a large order just to see if I would instantly get the AA smart fuel rewards and would be able to redeem it before they cancelled the order and maybe reversed the AA fuel rewards.

  • worth a try, got a call at 11.45am to cancel.
    Feel sorry for the staff, they probably wanted a easy Sunday shift and now they need to make dozens of calls.
    But never really expected for them to supply.
    Oh well,
    I see Facebook is full of armchair lawyer's "oh they took my money so they have to supply, it's the law!

    • Facebook is the best part. I love the comments " I will be talking to my lawyer - he is a QC so an expert in trailer part rip offs - on Monday"

    • Lol, yup is a crackup

  • Placed the order last night no call or text yet

    • Did you end up getting your order or was it cancelled?

      • No email or text from them since placing the order. Called them up today and they have cancelled the order

        • Bugger.
          What outstanding customer service!

          • @bigcheese: Honestly pathetic customer service, they wanted me to come in and get store credit.

            • @enfield: Did you ask for a refund instead of store credit?

  • Looking at the comments on Facebook some people were able to get their order at the $25 pricing.
    Anyone here got that lucky?

    • +1

      I thought I saw someone in the comment with a picture of a car boot full of bottles of engine oil, etc, they went in first thing on Sat morning when no one in the store thought it was a pricing error…haha

  • I ordered 3x sets of $25 Narva trailer wiring kits at 9am Sunday from 3 different stores and paid the $7.50 to get them delivered. Had notifications for 2 of them that they've been dispatched, haven't had any emails/calls…fingers crossed!
    Handy for rewiring a trailer and making a lightboard to put on the back of the bike rack, plus one set as spare!

    • 🤞Hope you get them.

      • Thanks for sharing!
        Oops, I see they're 'ready for dispatch', fingers crossed some of them make it! Part of why I ordered from 3 different stores ;-)

      • +3

        2 arrived this morning, happy days!

        • Wow, lucky you, next time I'll use your method…haha

      • Third arrived this morning, happy as!

  • +1

    Made an order Sunday morning, has been dispatched by courier.

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