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Free Parking Session with Parkable App


Parkable free parking session code for April:

Claim your free session

1: Open the Parkable app

2: Load your voucher
Enter your promo code in the 'Voucher codes' section of your Parkable app by the 20th of April.
For New Zealand: 'NO-APRIL-FOOLS-NZ'
For Australia: 'NO-APRIL-FOOLS-AU'

3: Start parking
Find a park on the Parkable app. Reserve 30 mins in advance or arrive and hit 'Start parking'. Your voucher will be automatically applied!*

*The voucher is redeemable at any public car park on Parkable, not applicable to private workplace parking. It expires 30 days after being loaded.

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  • +2

    Thanks OP.
    Another point to note:
    You can add both the NZ and AU codes to the app but they will only work in their respective countries.
    If you’re not intending on travelling over the ditch may as well leave the code for someone else as the AU code will not redeem here.

    • +1

      hmmm should have read this before adding both. Sorry Aussies!

      • You won’t be the only one.
        I used to add both every time it came up because it doesn’t tell you the AU code won’t work here.

        • Yeah as someone reported last month, you will be charged full price if you use the AU code plus only finding out after the parking session ended, so watch out.

          • @The Hound: I don't have a credit card loaded on the account, so only use parkable when I have free session coupons.
            I'm guessing I would find out as soon as I parked or tried to reserve a spot as they wouldn't be able to charge anything if I only had the AU coupon left.

            • @bigcheese: I had one coupon left and didn't know if it was AU or NZ. I don't have a payment method loaded so when it asked me to add my credit card I knew it wasn't going to apply.

  • gods work, thanks op

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