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Buy 1 Get 1 Free on All Clearance Items (Online Only) @ The Warehouse


Looks like a glitch in the system! Should be buy one get one free on kids clearance arts and crafts only - but it is coming up on ALL clearance! Some great deals on Lego and wetsuits - amongst other things! Can be stacked with other market club deals (5% off, etc)

As of early Thursday morning 7 April 2022 - get in quick!!

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    Now the hard part, finding something to buy. Maybe a good time to pick up some of their LEGO in clearance.

    I recommend using the app so that you can filter by items in-stock online only.

    If you're on browser, this link shows all 1800+ items on one page, low to high

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    Great catch. I suspect it might get cancelled but just ordered the Clovelly outdoor lounge 4 pc and Living and Co Bima outdoor table for $679.97 click and collect.

    • Let us know how it goes!


    • Wowser - this is exactly what I needed to do! Curious to find out how it goes for you!

      • Just got the email saying pick up is ready!

  • I’ve ordered two LEGO, see what happens next.

  • Nice spotting OP. I've purchased a couple of Lego sets. Fingers crossed they arrive.

  • Cool, got 2 Lego sets I wanted…and some I wouldn't have bought if they weren't 2-4-1.

    • Which ones did you get?

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        Mickey & Friends Fire Station & Truck 10776 and Creator Space Shuttle Adventure 31117 I wanted. Wanted the other Mickey 4+ sets but they were sold out online. Plus Art Disneys Mickey Mouse 31202 and Art Harry Potter Hogwarts Crests 31201, haven't tried out any art sets yet.

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    Thanks, just got 2x Mickey Mouse 31202 lego sets plus the 5% market discount.

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    Good find OP.
    Don't actually need anything, but that never stopped me before!

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      This is the way.

  • Didn't think I needed anything but with deals this good, it's hard not to. Ended up getting a life jacket for my Son and table top art easel for my girl.

    Good find.

    • Many clearance prices are still quite expensive, maybe it's inflation…haha

      • Haha agree, but with the get one free it makes it worth it 👌

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    These are bogof and extra 50% off

    Living & Co Round Wicker Basket Natural Small

    Living & Co Round Wicker Basket Natural Medium

    • Grab the small ones as the medium are oversized and C&C is $20 or $60 for delivery…

      • Thanks for that info, I was just coming back to say Click & Collect is $20 on the medium

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    I've just ordered $400 worth of Lego, this was definitely worth it. Child me is extremely happy now.

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      Which ones did you buy?

      • +1

        Lego ninjago sub speeder.
        Lego art disneys Micky mouse.
        Lego ninjago final flight of destiny’s bounty.
        Lego super Mario reznor knowdown.
        Lego ninjago catamaran sea battle.
        Lego super Mario master your adventure set.
        And 2 of each for promotion. So 12 sets total.

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    I ordered a bunch of the LEGO DOTS Extra DOTS to use in an art project. Fun!

  • Anyone in Ormiston, Te Rapa, or near Sylvia Park, here's a steal for you! 4TB USB3 portable drive, B1G1. It's a shame there's none anywhere else.

    • Correct me if I’m wrong, but the “buy 1 get 1 free” deal is online only?

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        I've just gone in store and its not scanning up as buy one get one free unfortunately. Looks like its online only even though live chat says otherwise

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          Thank you for notifying mate :)

        • If I were you I'd still ask. In most cases management want to move the clearance stock as quickly as possible. If you have
          to, ask to speak with a manager. One of the key ingredients to get what you're wanting in-store is to use plenty of manners.

          • @wowbigdeal: I did ask and patiently waited over 10 minutes until an employee came and scanned it.

          • @wowbigdeal: Talked to their live chat again and got told to call support. Support ended up calling up a manager and the manager said it was online only. Not applicable in stores.

          • @wowbigdeal: Pro life tip right there, not just for portable drives either.

      • I got a buy one get one free in store this morning. App didn't say online only so I showed then and they gave me the offer (it didn't scan up with the deal). It was legitimately for kids clearance arts and crafts though.

        • What did you get?

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            @justaddwater: Couple of kids crayola scribble things. Daughter has a birthday party on Friday so was a cheap easy gift

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    Thanks for this post! I picked up some hair accessories for my daughter & some outdoor chairs. Bargain!

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    Free shipping code: FDREF091344

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    2 Kayaks for $679.97 click & collect with 5% off + $5 off $50 vouchers. $719.97 delivered.


    27 available at as 1043am.

    • As someone who knows nothing about kayaking but always wanted to try, would one of these be good to learn in? (For chill, still water stuff, not rapids or whitewater lol)

    • That's mad. Hope they don't cancel it

    • 18 remaining 1:13PM

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    Thanks OP. Bought a couple of Lego sets for my boy and 30 caramilk flakes… For a friend…

  • Updated post with a better link.

  • Thank you! Just ordered 2 kayaks I bet they will cancel it 😂

    • Did you get them?

      • +2

        I ordered two and pick them up this morning

      • I got one delivered yesterday. Got no notification or anything just the delivery guy rang me. On my order it says both have been shipped though.

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    Most of the stuff I've looked at don't have any online stock. I've checked a wide variety of things too - shirts, drinks, toys, etc.

    Anyone know what items actually have online stock available atm? I could write a script to check this for me but I can't be bothered…

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      Download the warehouse app! Makes it super easy to sort through online Instock items.

      • thanks, will check it out.

      • +1

        Yeah the web version is a pile of sht

  • Anyone on 2 degrees 2x $30 plans $29.97

    2degrees $30 Monthly Prepay Plan SIM

    • Alternatively, @ NL via CSCBG Main;

      $10 plan = $5.32
      $19 plan = $10
      $30 plan = $16
      $55 plan = $27.34

      • +2

        Do you have to swap your number each sim everytime or does it come with a code you can use on the sim already in my phone?

    • What are you actually buying through, a SIM card?

  • Already click & collected a bunch of stuff. Let's see if they pull the cancel-and-refund on all orders (even those already collected) again!

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    Looks like it's fixed now. Not even kids arts and crafts is coming up bogof on clearance

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    They have fixed the website 😥 hopefully they dont cancel the orders

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    Well, that was sweet while it lasted. Fingers crossed for everybody's orders.

  • Two of my Lego orders are available to collect. That was really fast. Hope they don't cancel my other ones.

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    Damn, missed this one!
    That will serve me right for not checking Cheapies religiously every morning like usual…

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  • B1G1 still on for Kids arts and crafts though, if anyone wants to buy, discounts getting applied at the checkout

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    Any signs of cancelled orders yet? My click and collect is still 'processing' and I'm a little nervous. You know, worried that I may not get the stuff I don't need.

    • That's normal if they don't have stock of the items you ordered at the store you chose to pickup from

  • just got this email from them regarding some items from my order:

    Hi Jamie,

    Unfortunately we've not been able to locate the following items just yet.

    We’ve got our best people looking through our stores around the country for you. This can sometimes add a few additional days to the delivery and we apologise for the delay. We'll get back to you with an update within 5 days.

    Items delayed

    Play Studio Mini Capsule Building Bricks Animals Assorted
    Item No: 9401063317875
    QTY: 2

    Colgate Extra Clean Single Toothbrush Medium Assorted
    Item No: 8714789162546
    QTY: 10

  • One of my online orders has been shipped :))

  • I placed two orders yesterday. They have both been shipped this morning and are with the courier.
    I was dreading the email to tell me they'd been canceled.
    Life jackets, barbies for my girls and some stationary for school packs next year. The only thing missing is some black pens, and some easter products i slipped in for 5% off and free shipping (still processing).

    • +1

      You might be better off with the easter order being cancelled as apparently they'll be 50% off tomorrow

      • The specific wording they used in the Facebook live session was that it will be ‘50% off all Easter treats and novelties’ from Wed with Market Club.

      • Ah yes I saw that post after this comment.
        I only ordered a few little things, so I'm not too worried this time. But I will definitely be looking at adding more tomorrow

  • I placed an order for 4 items in total. The 2 items have that were paid for have shipped while the other 2 "free" items are still processing.

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    I got a bunch of lego stuff and pretty stoked that it’s now all been shipped. Didn’t go overboard though and honestly expected them to cancel the order. Kids will be happy!

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    bought $400 worth of legos to resale on ebay

  • I have had some items being sent, including free items

  • @shaz - Great find, these sorts of deals are becoming alot harder to find nowdays.

  • Picked up my LEGO today. 🥳

  • I placed an order when I first noticed this deal on 04/04 and I have received many of the free items so doesn't seem like they are canceling them

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    Just checked again the deal is back right now for all clearance buy one get one free

  • I think the super Mario start up sets are a good deal

  • Hmm is it still considered a glitch if it happens again? Maybe it’s intentional but for a limited time haha

    • I reckon they realised it was a good way to get rid of heaps of their clearance items. Many of which have been there for months.

      • That's exactly my thought.
        I wouldn't class this as a glitch for the second time in as many days.

      • Have you found any great deals this morning?
        I bought a lot on Monday, but there doesn't seem to be many interesting buys left

        • Had a brief look. There was nothing I wanted in the first round of b1g1f and not many new items have been added since. LEGO seems to be a good buy though.

          • +1

            @Wakrak: Looks like it might have been another glitch as its no logner available

            • @Tmurder91: If that's the case then it's pretty incompetent of The Warehouse.
              I can understand the glitch might crop up once, but the same thing twice?

              • @bigcheese: no arguments there. very likely that it was some morning incompetence lol. If I was to guess, I would say that they saw the error on Monday, then tried to reload the 'B1G1F' deal but this time only to specific categories and just balls it up again. A few hours for them to realise and remove it makes sense

    • +1
  • And it's not working again. The items say "buy one get one free" but there is no discount if you add two.

  • The buy one get one free indication is now gone too. guess it's over. haha

  • I only placed 1 order for a $3 thing and it was refunded

  • Working again, on actual Clearance Kids Art & Craft items, boring :D

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