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Spin & Win Free Fuel ($2, $5, $10 or $20) @ Waitomo Fuel


A fresh new round of spin to win free fuel from Waitomo.

Thought it was best to post as a new deal rather than reactivate my old post.

1x prize per cell number.
Prizes are typically $2, $5, $10 & $20 worth of fuel.

If you have never paid via app at Waitomo:

  • Go to Waitomo.
  • Pick a lane and open the app. Make sure data and location services are on.
  • Click ‘pay from your vehicle’.
  • Select pump no. & fuel type.
  • Choose a max spend amount and then the amount you'd like to spend.
  • Fill your vehicle.
  • Receipt will be sent through email.
  • You do not need to load a card onto your account.

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  • If you have multiple accounts, might be best to try each new attempt in incognito mode or use an extension like chameleon.

    • +1

      I got pretty lucky this time around, got a few 10s, 5s and one 20

      ended up getting 80 bucks from 18 sims
      I just kept refreshing the same page, is it better to use an incognito tab each time?

      • +2

        I just refreshed the same page, mostly 10's and 5's off 27 numbers. Accumulated with previous balances about 260 bucks.

        Sounds bit greedy but I give away all of it to people since I don't have a car

        • Do you have to add payment card before transferring credit from one Waitomo account to the other one? I'm not able to transfer the credit without adding a payment card.

          • @DigitalTeam: I don't believe you can share the spinformoolah funds between accounts

          • @DigitalTeam: You can't transfer credit.
            If you wish to gift Moolah to someone else then you have to pay for it - that's why it's asking for a payment card.

      • Perhaps not. A few people think that Waitomo takes notice of multiple attempts from the same IP address / session, so the thinking is that incognito mode and/or extensions like chameleon would help to make it look like a different person. But if you're getting $5, $10 and $20 without utilising these methods, then maybe it really is just luck.

        • I reckon its just luck based

        • If IP addresses are tracked, incognito doesn't hide your IP though. You will have to use some VPN to do that.

          Got 2 $2 & 2 $5.

  • +1

    $2s & $5s for me so far.

  • +1

    Awesome, $5 on first one, more to go, thanks!

  • I got 3 $2's

  • +2

    Fiver for my first. Thanks Wakrak

  • +1

    $10 first go :) although I think $2 last time

  • $5 + $2 this time between me and the Mrs. Nice !

  • $5 moolah on first go

  • $5 and $10, thank you

  • Thanks for posting :)

  • 2 x $10 after nothing but $2's! Thanks Wakrak!

  • Someone over on the Waitomo Facebook post reckons they won $50.

    • (X) Doubt

  • Cheers.
    2 x $10 for Mrs and me!!!

  • 2x $2 here.

  • 2x $2 and $10. Thanks Wakrak!

  • $2s and $5s. Thanks OP!

  • $2, $5, $10 with a new number

  • $2,$5,$10,$20 for me
    Thanks OP

  • $10 and $2 on old and new number respectively. Cheers!

  • Do you guys respin to get $20?

    • +1

      I don't think that works anymore. Someone prove me wrong.

  • $10, $2, $2 all 3 old numbers. Thanks OP!

  • $2

  • I got 2x $2 and 1x $10. I got $20 now on one of my accounts. Time to redeem now. Thanks Wakrak

  • Got 7 $5's and 3 $10's on new sims not great but I only paid $1 for all 10 sims so I'll take it😅

    • Did u refresh? Coz I got $2

      • refreshed after each claim to account

  • Apparently the IT team at Waitomo are cracking down on people with more than 3 Simcards… that is what I heard this morning.

    • +3

      Where did you hear that?

    • How would they know?

    • +4

      Not sure if they will bother "cracking down" on some people because it can be mighty expensive. Far easier to implement some verification systems or…. {better not give them too many ideas for free 😁}

  • Cheers OP.

  • +2

    This is better than what the govt is doing lol

  • $2 and $5, thanks!

  • How frequently does this offer comes in? Any idea?

    • There is no set frequency.
      December 2021 had them running every week and then nothing for 3 months.

      Have a look at the deals posted here to give you an idea.

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