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Spin & Win Free Fuel ($2, $5, $10 or $20) @ Waitomo Fuel


A fresh new round of spin to win free fuel from Waitomo.

x1 prize per cell number.
Prizes are typically $2, $5, $10 & $20 worth of fuel.

If you have never paid via app at Waitomo:

  • Go to Waitomo.
  • Pick a lane and open the app. Make sure data and location services are on.
  • Click ‘pay from your vehicle’.
  • Select pump no. & fuel type.
  • Choose a max spend amount and then the amount you'd like to spend.
  • Fill your vehicle.
  • Receipt will be sent through email.
  • You do not need to load a card onto your account.

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  • This is a welcome return!
    Cheers Wakrak

  • +2

    NIce - I got a whole $2 lol. Doesn't sound like much but when you think about it - if I buy $20 worth of fuel at my next stop there that's a 10% discount. At $2.579 yesterday that effectively makes the price $2.321. Which is pretty good relative to many. And of course after buying my $20 at the next fill, (for a cost of $18) I'm gonna spin and hopefully win again !
    I like it.

  • Cab someone confirm if the minimum spend is still $10. I haven’t used Waitoms in a while.

    • Not sure, but I usually try to bump it up to $20 spend so you get another free spin on the app.

    • +1

      There is no minimum in reality, even though it says 2L is the minimum on the pump sometimes. I've done 1L before no problem.
      Besides, what are they going to do, charge you for fuel you didn't pump out?

  • We got 3 phones in the household all got $2 each, last time we got $10 each so that was great. I figured it won't better or atleast match th 6c savings from the vouchers I get from PNS unless it's more than $3.

  • Thank you, got $10 each in the household

  • $2, $5 & $10s for me.

  • $10 here for me :)

  • Thanks OP, $2 each for me

  • $5 for me - and I do $20 amounts each time to get another spin (I should have tracked them, but think I get an average of about $2.50 each time, which makes waitomo the cheapest for me to use)

  • 5$ for me!!

  • $2 first roll, didn't claim, rolled again for $5.. luckyy

    • ooooh. Typically you're stuck with whatever you get on the first spin but this is good news. Were you able to claim the $5?

      • you refresh the page when you see the prize, i only got $2 after 10 tries with the same number.

        • Yep you used to be able to keep refreshing until you got $20 or $50 but they put a stop to that back in December. Whatever you get on the first spin is what you a stuck with. And like you, 10 spins today and no change to the prize.

      • Unfortunately not, pretty sure I claimed it, but nothing happened so just $2 for me.. oh well.

  • First time getting $10! The highest before has been 2 bucks haha

  • No mention of $20 so far so will edit the title and leave it as $2, $5, $10 until someone pipes up.

    • +2

      I got $20 on a new number. The only other time I have got a $20 before, a few rounds of this game ago, it was also the first time rolling on that phone number.

    • I got a 20, 4x 10 and 9x 5 this morning :)

  • Got $10, $10. Nice.

  • Thanks just got $10 :D

  • Got $2 an $5. Last time I filled up, I didn't get to spin which was weird.

  • Tested many numbers. Not a single $20. All numbers are ones I've used prior. Definitely a tendency towards lower denominations of course.

  • +1

    Oh crazy, I signed up to their app and suddenly $22 was in there from all my previously un-claimed wins lol! Accumulation FTW!

  • $2,$2,$2

  • Seems more $2s this time round. One thing I noticed was that they are tracking IPs this time round. I set my phone's VPN to show AUS, and the website said there was an issue with the connection

    • That is very concerning, hopefully it's just a geoblocker.

  • +1

    My colleagues has got $20 with her first try.

    • +1

      I believe the $20s are only allocated to new numbers now. But it makes sense.

    • Some new numbers but only $5 or $10 for me

  • Only got $2s and $5s, but still "free money"…thanks!

  • -1

    Rubbish promo imo. $2 most times, stations few and far between in wgtn and Gull & Pak n Save usually cheaper anyway. Not worth a 12 min drive to save $2.

    • +1

      You don't have to use it straight away.
      Just accumulate every time they do a promo and then use it when you want.
      Moolah does not expire as long as you have used the app to make a purchase within the last 12 months so plenty of time to use it.

  • +1

    Just got $20, first time using the number. Happy Days :)

  • Hooray $10!

  • +2

    For those in West Auckland who haven't noticed, they're going to be opening a Waitomo along Lincoln Road next to the McDonald's, Subway & White Cross, across the road from Asian Wok & Shanghai Street; and if that isn't enough for you near Warehouse, Burger King, Thai Heng, Mr Meats & Te Pai Park 😛 They're converting the g.a.s which used to be a BP a long time ago, the large sign already has the Waitomo stuff e.g. spin to win.

    • +1

      Actually, it's opened today! West Auckland's fuel prices are gonna be interesting when Costco fuel station opens…haha

  • +4

    $2, $2, $2, $2, $5 for me…….why the hell am I doing this, I drive an EV….

    • Nice to drive past petrol stations, huh!

  • +6

    For those of you that have multiple accounts, this old comment might be useful:

    This extension seems to prove useful as it can be setup to change your browser's user agent every x minute(s):


    This comment as well:

    Tip: Install Video Speed Controller and then set it to 16x speed on the website (also make sure to have 'Remember playback settings' enabled in the settings of the extension). This tweak makes the animation nearly instant so you can spin it more.

    • Have you managed to get the second extension to work? I just tried Firefox and Chrome. The controller won't appear during the spin.

  • +1

    2, 5, 5, 10 ,2

    pretty alright
    West AKL Waitomo is good news.

    The need one central like near Mt Roskill, near the SH20. Maybe take the G.A.S nearby there too if it still exists

  • You can use multiple sim numbers that you have registered with the app on any phone .You just won't receive a text but the app will register the Moolah

  • All $2s for my whole family

  • Thanks, a Waitomo station near our house just opened up a few days ago. I got $10!

  • For those with multiple sims, do you just log in and out of each account as you fill up? Or is there an easier way to consolidate the 'moolah' into one account?

    • +1

      Yes to the login / logout.
      No there isn’t an easier way to consolidate. Moolah belongs to one account only and can’t be shared.
      You can ‘gift’ Moolah to someone else but you have to pay for it.

  • How much is fuel at the Mangere station?

    • Download the Gaspy app.


      Waitomo Mangere (Richard Pearse Drive) 271.9

  • Got a few $20 and $10 ones but mostly lower ones on the 15ish sim cards I dug out of the draw.

    Does anyone know how often they do this promo? Seemed to coincide with the Lincoln road station opening yesterday

    • They did it almost every month at the end of 2021. This is the first time in 2022.

      • In Dec 2021 it was every week from memory!

  • Back again but only for numbers that have yet to be used.

    • Well that’s a tease …😕

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