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70% off All Masks (KN95 from 27c/Mask, Certified P2s from $1.23) at Pretty Cheap Masks


70% off all NZ-stocked masks. I'm pretty confident that our P2s in particular are the cheapest available anywhere in NZ.

As noted previously, P2s are certified to the AS/NZ standard. FFP2 and KN95 masks (other than the 3M KN95s) are not guaranteed to be certified, but we think that they probably comply with the relevant filtration standard - likely an upgrade from a surgical mask, and at a similar price to surgical masks for sale in NZ.

We ship each weekday, but note that there is a big backlog with couriers in Wellington due to COVID - so some delay expected. Our courier collection did not occur yesterday, for example - the courier just did not arrive. We have been using Aramex, but for people who want a faster service we have an upgrade to NZ post for $2.

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    Aramex is terrible, based on my limited experience with them. But I heard NZ Post is also dropping the ball now due to load and staff shortage, and they are going to impose a temporary price increase from 1st Apr.

    • in my area, Aramex is pretty good, a lot better than NZ post

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      Hmm, it's a tricky one - NZ post are consistently a bit pricier, and only seem to be faster on some routes. Not exactly an expert though - not planning on doing any retail again in my life after this, but good to keep in mind.

      • Aramex is mostly fine. It’s popular to hate on them. I’ve sent many parcels this year and aramex has been fine every time. Unlike nz post who have messed up loads. You never hear when a courier does well.

    • Fully agreed 100%.

    • Yes, it does seem to be luck of the draw with Aramex. In my area they used to be awful (up to a week to pick up a parcel, pre-covid, in the CBD. Nuts.)
      But in the last year or so they've been great.

  • I've checked out the site a few times previously and the P2s are always sold out :(

  • Has anyone purchased from this site before? I paid a few days ago and nothing is shipped yet

    • Hopefully homegardener responds since it's his/her/etc business.

    • Can you let me know your order number, and I'll check where it's at? I had some bad personal news Friday morning, so unfortunately wasn't able to pack Thursday night orders in time for the courier.

      • Hi i received the masks today, i ordered 3M and you supplied helpit despite i already emailed you saying i prefer refund as helpit does not fit my face, no reply and helpit still sent regardless, how can i return the helpit masks and get refund fot the 3M masks i ordered?

  • I can't seem to imagine why I received 20 p2 masks from Honeywell and 20 n95 masks when I ordered 100 n95s, completely a scam.

    edit: my bad, was 10 n95 masks and are children's version.

    • +2

      Hi there - I think you might have contacted me by email, and I've responded - but I want to clarify what has happened. The courier has mixed up several parcels - I'm working through that now. I've offered you a full refund by email, assuming that you are the person who emailed me about this - and have also offered to track down the masks you were after if you still want those. If you're not the person who emailed us today, would you mind dropping me a line by email or PM on here so I can make this right for you?

      • Hello, I was the person, thanks for the clarification by email, I can't seem to revoke the downvote, am very sorry, I'll send the tracking number through the ticket system, thanks.

        • All good :)

        • Hi freebees123, That's my order:
          10 pack FFP2 Kids Face Mask
          20 pack Honeywell P2 Respirators × 1

          The package I received contains 100 FFP2 masks. :(

          • @Japo32: What a coincidence 😂, nzpost is always doing things wrong, although can't really blame them because they have a staff shortage and lots of masks coming in, they probably got confused and didn't bother checking the order numbers on the packaging.

        • I've sent you an email as well homegardener

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            @Japo32: thanks - i'm still trying to figure out how on earth the courier company managed to get these mixed up. will send you out some new ones, feel free to keep the ones you received.

            • @homegardener: I can imagine the headache this is causing you homegardener. I appreciate the effort. Thanks!

  • @homegardener, i have sent you emails days ago and have yet been replied, my messages above was not responded either, please contact me re Order number#1253, wrong masks were sent thanks

    • I've issued a refund. You can keep the masks that you received instead of the 3M KN95s.

  • Just like to say, the sellers amazing at handling he problem with nzpost, received the wrong masks although the seller helped send the correct ones. Great service and friendly attitude, sorry for the downvote(can't revoke for some reason). +1.

    • +1

      All good mate - stay safe :)

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