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$5 Booking for Breakfast or Lunch (usually $10) @ First Table


Book the first table for just $5 (usually $10) and get 50% off the food bill for two, three or four people!
Applies to Breakfast and Lunch bookings only

If you’re overdue for a little splash of self-love for the year, look no further. This is your chance to rally up the guys, gals, and all your other pals for some wining and dining on a budget 🥂.

From the homely brunch staples like a timeless eggs bene, to fabulous gram-worthy mimosas paired up with some tasty tapas, you can lock your next dining experience in today with a half-priced First Table.

Sale ends at midnight Fri 25th March

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  • You need to say it is for new customer referrals only!

    • Na it's not. It's working for me and I use First Table all the time.

      • I do see the half price banner, but still get charged for 10 at check out.

        • +3

          You're not trying to book dinner are you?
          This offer is only for breakfast and lunch bookings so will charge full price for dinner.

  • I also never noticed that some places add quite a few conditions now. Eg Portofino in Wellington say there is a compulsory drink purchase, which is fair, but you must also order 2 dishes per person. Eg starter/main, or main/dessert.

    • Oh man, very cheeky.

    • I've found it a bit hit and miss about the additional conditions, but usually they are not too unreasonable.

      I've also found that if we turn up with more than four people, most of the time, the restaurant still gives us 50% off the food (for all five - haven't tried six yet). I can only guess, but they probably still break-even on the food, make money on the drinks, and have no opportunity cost for the table, so it works for them anyway.

      • I'm the same.
        Last time we went my kids couldn't finish all of their meal and asked for a takeaway container for the leftovers.
        They initially refused because takeaways are not allowed under first table.
        I complained and they eventually did it anyway (and then I got home and read the terms and conditions…..it does state dine-in only I just hadn't noticed!)

        • I had the same once, although not via FirstTable.

          We used to go to a restaurant probably three or four times a year, but after being refused the 'takeaway leftovers' we just never went back there again, so they saved the cost of a polystyrene box, and lost the margin on, say, 3 x 5 (people) = 15 covers pa for as long as we would have still gone there.

          I would guess the box might cost less than the margin on a single glass of Pepsi.

          Lots of clever people out there though - just ask them :-)

          • @Alan6984: The thing is I did see the condition that you must purchase a drink for all diners.
            We purchased drinks for all four of us and ordered entrees as well.
            Just seemed a bit ridiculous to not allow us to take left over food away.

            I want to support our hospitality industry - that's why we went and ordered a decent amount of food and drink.
            Didn't even think it would be an issue.

        • No takeaway containers sounds fair to me. Otherwise you'd get people ordering too much food on purpose to take away.

          • @Stoic: Could be that someone would do that, although I can't imagine anyone myself.


            They lose out more than the customer - like I said, there are plenty of really clever people out there.

          • -1

            @Stoic: If you order the food, it should be yours.
            "No containers" argument only works if they don't offer takeaway. Most places do.
            However, charging a small fee for the containers is OK in my opinion.
            Withholding the customers' purchase is senseless.

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