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Pour Over Coffee Maker with Permanent Filter (1.0L) $33.25 + $10 Shipping (Free over $70) @ Bodum


Various items on sale but this one is 60% off and stacks with the 10% off welcome coupon.

BODUM’s Pour Over coffee maker is the key to making richer, bolder coffee from the comfort of your home. Its design-led aesthetic is a stylish addition to any kitchen, but it’s the resulting full-bodied, smooth tasting coffee with a robust aroma that will win your heart.
Made from premium quality borosilicate glass that doesn’t absorb taste or aroma, the beautifully shaped carafe is fitted with a permanent stainless steel filter for truly sustainable brewing. No wasteful paper filters that trap essential oils and flavor; just pure flavorsome coffee.
Pour over brewing encourages a more mindful start to your day. This innovative, fuss-free filter coffee maker is simple to use and gives you ultimate control over your cup of joe. All you need is filter coffee grounds, hot water, four minutes of your day and a little Bodum magic – and you have all the ingredients for a delicious brew. This is pour over, perfected.

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  • Amazon AU for reviews.

    Was posted on OzBargain back in June, 2021 but not a lot of useful feedback.

  • Anyone have feedback on one of these? I've used plungers in the past and haven't been able to make them strong enough for my liking and not sure how these would go after watching the video.

    • I have a Chemex which is a different brand of pour over and it's my favourite way of preparing coffee. I dislike french press a lot because of the sludge at the bottom. This can't get any sludge because of the filter and you can make it as strong as you want.

      • +1

        I like my AeroPress for that same reason. Much cleaner than a French Press and takes less than 5 minutes to make a coffee and tidy up.

        • I have an aeropress too but prefer the chemex for brewing multiple cups in the morning. The aeropress is for when only one person wants or for when away from home

          • @flembots: Yep it's definitely small. I have mine at work.

    • Paper filter pour overs (Chemex or a V60) would get you a cleaner cup, the metal pour over will leave you with lots of fines/sludge in the bottom of your cup.
      Paper filters are also much easier to clean.

    • What do you mean by strength? Do you mean a high concentration in a small volume like espresso? Do you mean more bitterness from a darker roast? Or do you mean more fruityness/acidity from a lighter roast? Depending what you're going for would vary the answer. A plunger can maximize extraction in terms of total dissolved coffee by simply increasing the amount of time and a possible bit of agitation, so i suspect you're meaning something different to that.

    • Highly recommend checking out James Hoffman on YouTube if you want to nerd out over coffee. He's done some really thorough video series on common brewing methods including aeropress, pour over, French press and mocka pots to say how to make the most from each method and the science behind them.

      We use an aeropress for 2 people every morning and that's really its limit on capacity. Makes a good cup of coffee paired with the fairly cheap Bodum burr grinder though and I'd definitely recommend it. Been considering a better espresso machine but for the price of these sorts of things it's hard to beat their value.

  • +3

    I put a filter paper in a plastic funnel and stack it on top of my cup.
    It is not aesthetic, stylish, design-led, premium, ultimate, as described above. It IS cheaper. It IS the same end result.

  • They have a slightly nicer version with a cork wrap (instead of plastic) for $12 more too

  • I have tried them all, and have a barista machine at home. Right now settled on a Vietnamese Phin Filter based one. The coffee comes out pretty strong . But it takes a bit of trial and error. Plently of online videos about it. Usually had with condensed milk, even though I tried that way only once. I usually have it as a longblack with hotwater added in or with a bit of milk.

    I also use a filter paper so that the the coffee brew don't have any sludge filtering down.

  • I have one of these, with the cork. I use chemex brand filters and it works well, when I make it I get two cups of good coffee. Never actually used the mesh filter it comes with.

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