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Amex Gold / Rose Rewards Card: Spend $1500 in First 3 Months, Receive $300 Credit (New Card Members Only) @ American Express NZ


Get $300 back - Apply by 30 May 2022, be approved and spend $1,500 in the first 3 months. T&Cs apply. New Card Members only.

It seems like Amex brought back the gold card and now you can choose the rose coloured metal card as well.

Annual fee is $200 (Enjoy 2x $100 Dining Credits each year when you spend at our extensive Dining Collection of top NZ restaurants. So effectively there is no cost.

Earn 2 membership rewards points per dollar spent so its in par Platinum card. Membership rewards points can be redeem/transferred to a number of airlines and hotel programs including airpoints. Also gift cards or statement credits.

The drawback is there is no ApplePay so I encourage everyone give Amex feedback on ApplePay.

To apply for an American Express Gold Rewards Card, you’ll need to be able to meet the following criteria:

Be aged 18 or over
Have no history of bad debt or payment default
Have a personal gross (pre-tax) annual income of $50,000 or more
Have the right to work in New Zealand, and
If self-employed, have been trading for at least 18 months (or 12 months if I hold an existing American Express issued Card)

Referral Links

Airpoints: random (38)

Referrer gets 15 Airpoints Dollars. Referees should select the Airpoints card if not taken to the correct Amex card.

Airpoints Platinum: random (44)

Referrer gets 40 Airpoints Dollars. Referees should select the Airpoints Platinum card if not taken to the correct Amex card.

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  • Some discussion on the Gold Rewards card here

  • Worth getting this if I'm already on Amex Airpoints Plat? I do love a good offer

  • Only 4 dining locations in Canterbury where the credits can be used.

  • So you have to spend at least $100 at a participating restaurant, but the credit you receive will go towards paying your balance (i.e. it effectively means you can use it to pay for anything), is that correct? And you can use an entertainment card for your restaurant transaction, correct?

  • Worth trying to swap from the Platinum Edge (free domestic flight)? I think I will call up closer to my renewal date and ask. $300 is pretty nice incentive.

    • +3

      I just had a chat to them, they said we don't get the $300 if we already have a different Amex card.

      Card Members who currently hold or who have previously held any Card product issued by American Express International (NZ), Inc. in the preceeding 18 month period are ineligible for this offer.

      • +4

        Thats why my wife and I cycle between having amex cards. Owning one, adding a supplementary card for the other, then cancelling it after a year, whilst the other join when a good offer comes along. The last time was 500 airpoints for the airpoints platinum card (annual fee $200)

        • Doesn't the supplementary card make the additional person not eligible also?

  • Has anyone applied and been contacted my Amex? I applied over a week ago and I still haven't received any contact…

    • I applied and was approved the next day. It turns out that when I applied, I gave a preference for the lowest limit possible on the application page ($2000) but it turns out that the lowest limit was actually $3000 so when I called, the representative asked me to increase my preferred limit and then it was approved instantly.

      When I applied for my Amex Airpoints card last year, I got a text a few hours later saying I was approved - no need to do anything extra.

      I'd suggest that you call them.

      • Thanks, will do.

  • My Kiwibank Platinum Airpoints card is coming up for renewal soon after 2 years fee free. Not happy after they dropped the earn ratio.

    This looks like a good deal but I’m also looking at the Amex Platinum.

    I suppose with the Gold card you can choose if you want airpoints or any other reward and it’s basically free with the dining credit.

    Any advice for someone that spends 20-30k a year?

    • Can't give you financial advice.

      Amex Platinum charge card has a yearly fee of $1250. Platinum Edge card is no longer being offer to the new cardholders.

      You are correct with the Gold/Rose card. You earn Amex points which can be transfer to 7 airlines and 2 hotel chains, as well as giftcards…etc. It gives you the flexibility and not locked into 1 airlines reward.

  • Applied for the gold card for my partner a few days ago, Amex called asking a few questions about our financial situation. Unfortunately I wasn't around and my partner doesn't know anything about it (I am in charge of our money). So, got declined and can only re-apply after 90 days.

  • For those that had the card approved, did they have to contact/call you at all? or was approval just been sent by email/SMS?

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      I got a call. they verified my ID and read back my details.

      • Oh that’s interesting! Just wondering how did they verify ID because when I apply I just type in my drivers license info and they immediately verify it from that - what were the other options?

        • idk. thats what they asked me again - give my license number. then just parroted back my name, address, phone etc.

          • @huffboy: and they were able to give you an approval after they verified all the details on the same phone call?

            • @zqsn: yup. they told me its all approved on the phone… but also got a sms right after the call that I was approved and card will be sent in X days.

  • Looking into the Gold and I don't think it is a great deal. The dining credit is pretty nice I guess, but honestly the restaurants on the list are so grossly overpriced its not really a saving unless you go to these types of places regardless of this.
    The Amex points are pretty weak unless you convert them to Airpoints. In which case you are better off the the Airpoints platinum in my opinion since you get travel insurance (lounge + phone screen insurance) and a better yield (1.5% vs 1.69% gold vs plat). One benefit with Airpoints is that you can convert them to Mitre10 gift cards, and then you can price match Bunnings for a 10% beat since Mitre10 is usually more expensive.

    • +1

      Amex points gives you the flexibility to convert to many other airlines and hotels. If you are frequent flyer programs savvy, many airlines present a much better value than Airpoints.

      It ultimately depends on what rewards you want.

    • +1

      Amex points definitely offer a lot more value than converting them into airpoints. If you want to maximise the potential of your points, transfer them to other airlines or hotels programme. But you need to do your homework to know the best way to suit your needs.

      • +1

        Thanks for that. I was just talking on a pure AP to dollar value, Airpoints is the highest (at face value). I will have delve deeper into what kind of power the APs have for airlines/hotels. The Airlines definitely does seem quite good, especially if you want to fly some where else that AirNZ doesn't go..

        • +1

          Just to give you a quick idea, 90000 Asia miles = one way business class to Europe. Return = 180000AM = 360000 Amex points. This roughly values at $6500 to $7000NZD if flies with Qatar. 360000 Amex points = $2400 airpoints. But there is quite a bit of work involved, don't transfer your points until you are 100% sure it will work.

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