Tips to Maximise Fuel Savings at Waitomo/The Pump

Hi there, so like everyone else i’m looking at ways to save at the pump.

I’ve see on the Waitomo App they have a ‘promo’ that is ‘Earn koha the more you spend - each time you spend $20 or more you'll unlock the chance to spin to win and by banking every buck you spend in a calendar month to reach $150, you'll unlock a scratchie for your chance to win even more.’
Last time i spent $20 i spun and won $5!

My questions are does anyone know if there is a limit on these ‘spin to wins’? E.g. if i was topping up $100 in a visit, could i break it down to 5 lots of $20, so i could in theory spin the wheel 5 times and apply each discount i win?

Alternatively are there any other ‘hacks’ or tips to share on saving at the pump in general?

Thanks in advance


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    I do it sets of 20s to get a spin each time. Doesn't appear to be a limit. I have noticed recently there are alot less wins but it still works out on average to be around the same, sometimes more, sometime less as usual discount at say Z

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    In answer toy your question - Yes you can break down your $100 top up into 5x $20 and then spin after each one.
    Just takes a bit longer to do your fill that's all.
    As @Sean mentioned above there does seem to be a lot less wins now, which could be a change to their algorithm or could just be my expectations are too high!

    I also make a decision during the month whether I am realistically going to hit the $150 for the 'scratchie'. If I'm not going to get there then I just fill less in the tank and then start again on the first day of the new month.

  • I saw an ad promoting a "Kora" card which I've never heard of until now. They claim to give you 10c off per litre with no maximum fill. The card fee is $2 per month. This could be the way to go if it's legit. Waitomo seems to be the cheapest around where I live so having this card would be a huge bonus. Has anyone used it before? and if so is it good?


    • Won't be able to get the free spins if you use the Kora card. Good and Bad. Probably a few things you'll need to figure out:

      • How much do you spend on fuel a month.
      • 10c off + $2 fee vs. 6c Mobil Smiles & rewards vs. Waitomo free spins vs. other cards.
      • Does a pay it later system suit you
      • I usually fill up at Caltex using my AA card as it's always been the cheapest out there. I do tend to work from home most days but that would still make it around $150 per month.

        The local Waitomo has been cheaper than Caltex for the past few days so I have been thinking of making the switch.

        • I am going to take a stab from your comments and say you are in Wellington? If not, the same has happened here. Caltex with AA was always cheaper, but even yesterday with 10c off Waitomo was cheaper.

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            @Jizah: Click on the username, has Wellington as their location 😊

        • Isn’t Caltex no longer part of AA Smartfuel scheme except for BP or GAS?

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            @LuckyB: You got me there, I was meant to say Airpoints not AA Smartfuel

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    Farmsource - $0.16/L off at Mobil no minimum. Seems such an insignificant amount now, given the current price, but every bit helps I guess.

    • This is great, it saves me a lot of mental space, no need to think about how to save more on other schemes, I can just fill up whenever required…haha

  • For us, we do surveys to get those bonus 10-20 Flybuys that we convert to Z/Caltex discount (usually we get around 30c by the time we need to fill up at the pump, including points from New World shopping etc). So around $15 less each time for 50L. But yeah, slim pickings this year in terms of discounts and such. Really looking to get a PHEV or a full Electric now as I commute 60km return to work daily.

    • What surveys gives flybuys if you don't mind?

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        The colmar brunton ones, you can see it on the website. I used to get 50l of free fuel every 2 months or so but have since stopped doing them. You can use different profiles to sign up more times to get more surveys, and if you set yourself as a business owner/decision maker, you can get even more business surveys. Payout is quite good

  • Big price hike incoming, from 6pm today (Friday 11th)…

  • The lineup at PaknSave Clarence St was pretty hectic.

  • Looks to be about a 33c increase overall.
    Probably be +40c next week.
    No cost living crisis here… right?

  • $3.66 in upper hutt apparently.
    Still 2.83 at paknsave

    • That is a crazy price. The government also makes more money too from the GST that is charged on the increased price. Surprised people are protesting outside parliament about the cost of living crisis and asking them to cut back the tax while prices are so high.

      • Yeah but their big speal is if they do that then Healthcare, roading, schools etc miss out…
        It's fear mongering

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    Do you guys think we should buy some fuel on Z share tank now?

    • Yes it will only be going up

    • It will be a good bet

    • I just bought 120L at 2.969/l Chch price.

      • Just made about $48 right there

    • no. prices gona tank within a few months.

  • Used to almost always get a prize from Waitomo spin and win. Just did 3 $20 fills and got nothing 0/3!! What’s going on?

    • It’s just the luck of the draw.
      I’ve had that before too and got nothing. Today I also did 3x $20 fills and got $3, $5, $3.

  • Has the price of oil recently increased significantly?
    I just noticed my local bp has increased the price of 98 from $3.069 last Wednesday to $3.259 today! Huge jump in less than a week

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