Nespresso pods - recommend some good cheapie options?

I used to buy Robert Harris ones from PaknSave as they always had them for $4.99 for the 10 pack and they were really yummy. But since end of last year, they've gone back to regular price and not been on special again.

We go through half a pack/ 5 pods a day and been trying to get them for at least 50c/pod.


  • usually i get the 100 packs from dicksmith/kogan when they have the free shipping options

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      Same here, bought 800 pods when they went down to $10 shipped

    • What brand (their own)? I've recently changed from LOR to Starbucks capsules.

  • Firstly i bought the mixed pack to see what flavor i liked, then went from there

    • Does it work well with the machine? One of the local brands I tried, the 'flow rate' is soo slow compared to the other brands from the supermarket.

      • I dont have any issues, my milk frother takes ages so i dont notice if its slow

      • They are definitely slower than better branded capsules like the Nespresso or Starbucks ones but they do work ok.

        I find them fine if you make milk drinks but I wouldn't make an americano, long black or drink then as an espresso. Then again I wouldn't really do that with any capsules and prefer other brewing methods that also work out cheaper for that sort of coffee.

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    If you go for Starbucks pods, you can get these for <$0.50 if you buy in bulk via The Warehouse

    • PakNSave stores often have these for under $7.00 (try selecting a few different stores)
    • Warehouse will price beat by 10%
    • Combine that with the in app codes (currently if you spend $200 you get $50 off)
  • Have you tried re-usable pods? $15-$20 each from AE, then you can use any coffee you like. With coffee price ~$30/kg, each shot is about 7-10gr, you do the math :)

    • Tried that a while ago, the 'flow rate' isn't too good with the refillable ones and its jsut the convenience of having the pods ready to go.

      • yeah, personally, that convenience has increased my consumption, I kept thinking, it's so convenient, why not another cup? haha, I'm going back to grinding beans after I'm done with the 200 pods.

      • Slow flow could be because many reasons:
        1. Clogged/dirty filter.
        2. Coffee ground too fine. This need experience. Some roasts, and your chosen temperature may make the coffee more stick(y) together.
        3. You stamped too hard
        4. and the most usual reason, placement of the capsule was not centered or lid not perfectly closed.

        Anyway, that reusable really take some time to practice, but you are right, if you are willing to pay more, convenience is the way to go.

        • The Starbucks or even the Nespresso ones flow through really good, its just the fill up ones and some local brands that have issues with the flow rate :)

        • Thanks for the tips.

          I also find my flow too slow I I think it's reasons 2 or 3.

          I also find the flavour very weak as well when I fill my own pods. Packing in more coffee just makes the flow slower.

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