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Veon 55inch 4K Ultra HD TV VN55U22020 $524 Delivered (Normally $949.00 + Shipping) @ The Warehouse


Veon 55inch 4K Ultra HD TV VN55U22020 $524 Delivered (normally $949.00 + shipping) at The Warehouse.

This includes in app:
$5 off $50 spend.
Free shipping code.

Huge bonus having a 3 year warranty. Basically the slightest hint of anything going wrong with it you can return it for a full refund. (Keep the receipt or at least a photo of it).

Free shipping:
Original Coupon Deal

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    Good feedback on this TV here.

    $498 looks to be the lowest ever non-coupon-applied price

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    Alternatively available on The Market for $486.68 with code LUCKY8 (8% OFF) and free shipping for MarketClub+ members.

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      Surprised that there's no extra delivery charge for it. Might be because it's The Warehouse and not Noel Leeming.

      • A couple of times I've found that buying with The Warehouse through The Market I'll be charged oversize delivery fee whereas if I buy the same items through The Warehouse website it's just standard delivery. Last time it happened I was buying a bunch of grocery and cleaning products along with a couple of bulk packs of loo roll.

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      Even better! A huge suprise there's no oversized charge.

  • theres no cashback for themarket anymore?

  • great price and decent pictures. bought their jvc tv on sale recently for a bit more too. has android tv which is good cos can connect to my home automation

  • Better than buying the 50" smart TV from Kogan?

    • +1

      Considering one of my 55" Veon panels was DOA, I'd say yes, the Warehouse's return and warranty policies would be 100x better than trying to work with Kogan who have no physical store presence.

      Regarding the picture quality on these panels, they're 'good' for the price. They are not the brightest, so if you don't have curtains that can dampen bright light sources you're going to have a bad time.

      In addition, the colour accuracy/tuning from factory is weird as shit, so it is best to throw on a bright/colourful Marvel flick and tune it using your eyes and the controller. No two panels are the same from Veon/Kogan/Konka etc.

      • +2

        While we're on the topic of return and warranty, a new thread popped up over at Geekzone yesterday talking about how bad The Market customer service is. Might be of interest to some of you.

      • Cheers, ended up buying it

  • Would be good to go with a google tv w/ remote. Its UI system is super slow

  • This is a fantastic TV for the price. We bought the 50” model back in September and don’t regret it at all - great picture, terrible sound. Congratulations to the pointy-head who decided to do away with the 3.5mm audio jack and save TWH 7 cents per unit.

    • Are you able to hook up a soundbar by other means?

      • Yes, either HDMI or use the TOSLINK digital optical socket.

        • HDMI ARC is pretty much the standard now for home theatre, unless you need the HDMI ports for other stuff.

      • Do a search on MightyApe for Gorilla Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Home Office Monitor Speakers. They're probably your best bet. They have the TOSLINK socket and come with a free cable. Currently $129, but are often on sale.

        • When they go down to $70 they are well worth it. I got a set and very tempted to buy another set for use on the bedroom TV instead of buying a sound bar.

  • my 55'' 4k HDR android smart tv cost about the same price with a nice samsung panel

    • When I connected a PC to our Veon, and set the sound output to HDMI, the TV brand/model shows as a Skyworth. I'm not sure if that's the panel or what?

      • +1

        sky worth would be the manufacture of the tv and just branded veon.
        is the display good?

        • Cheers for that. Yes the display is great, makes for an awesome PC monitor too. 1920x1080 59p Hz.

          • +1

            @DisabledUser8542: Might be a bit big for putting on a desk and working from though, think of how many rows of spreadsheet it could display though 😂

            • @Everettpsycho: 1080p looks horrible for a monitor if above ~30" in size.

            • @Everettpsycho: i had that problem so i got one of these mobile tv mounts, so i can use it for spreadsheets and then move it towards the bed for the ps4.

              • @coffeee: I'm sporting a silly triple monitor set up for work at the moment so not replacing those soon. But might be in the market to replace 2x22 inches on our second back up desk we use more often than intended. Not sure my partner who uses it most would like sitting arm's length from this to compose emails.

    • where did you buy this from ?

    • +1

      Link to your TV please

    • Also interested in which TV you bought, post link please

  • This would go well with $45 Logitech Z533. Just need a house now - any deals?

    • picked up those z533 for my setup, now I wish I got 2x of them, one to pair with this in the bedroom ahaha

  • Bought this model last year for $430 using various Warehouse/Zip coupons available at that time. Worth for the money spent.

    • Would you know if this supports turning on and off the TV via the HDMI port? I think it’s called HDMI CEC

      For example if you had an Apple TV plugged in, when you turn the ATV on it turns the TV on

      • I had the 50inch version and yes it does

  • A bit tempted by the JVC 50" Smart TV also from Warehouse .


    Smaller screen and $125 more but has smart capabilities. Anyone have any experience with this model?

    • +2

      Usually better off just getting a Chromecast with Android tv for the smart stuff than the stuff built into the tv imo.

      • more control too, my sony tv was always phoning home and when in standby the tv was still able to communicate.

    • Got it for $599 during boxing day sales and the only complaint I have is the tinny sound quality. Sound is usable but not as good as it was on the mid 2010's Panasonic 40" I had previously. Getting a sound bar soon, hopefully that will improve things.

  • Thank you for the advise above.

    It's really tempting especially as there is a 3 year warranty. Currently have a Panasonic 42" Plazma for the early 2010s. Still quite like it but it's not great in strong sun light, suspect this may be a bit of an upgrade.

    Not sure weather it worth waiting for any future ZIp or Warehouse codes that would take this down more or just go for it now..

  • This was really tempting however I visited a store to see the screen in person, and it didn’t look that great.

    The staff member said they’d been lots of returns for Veon TVs and they seem to die after 2-3 years. He said it was good for the money, but really not a fantastic picture.

    I’ll hold off and save up some more for a more premium LG / Samsung one.

  • Deals expiered now. Decided not to bite.

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