This was posted 1 year 10 months 11 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Ethics Paracetamol 500mg Tablets 100pk, $2.99 (In-Store Only) @ Chemist Warehouse


Seems to be quite a good deal compared to the price in other shops. No longer available for delivery so check your nearest store.

New World-20pk $2.69
Pak n Save-20pk $1.99
Pharmacy Direct-100pk $4.95

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Chemist Warehouse NZ
Chemist Warehouse NZ

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    Ethics Ibuprofen 200mg Tablets 100

    • yep got both last week when stories were running about stock in AUS

      • I find that Kiwis are unlike the Aussies by being more relaxed and don't worry so much about supply shortages or stock up for emergencies. It might just be the easy going attitude vs. Aussies who visiblely see their supermarket shelves getting emptied and not restocked.

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    Available at this price 24/7 I think at CW.

    • Yeah, it is always this price.

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    This is a regular price.

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      Yeah, but we moved to red on a sunday, so we are in freak out spending mode.

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        Even though very little changes from orange anyway 😂

        Think many are equating red traffic with level 4 of the old alert system.

        • Indeed they are. I blame ot on nz herald, news hub, etc, they all in fearmongering mode. Even tho omicron seems to be the mildest of all variants, media is just promoting fear. Yesterday there was 2 blocks queue for vaccination at westgate at 2pm. Westgate vaccination center has been a dessert for the last 2 months…

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            @kevinh89: I’m not saying we shouldn’t be taking it seriously though, just the traffic light framework sits around alert level 2-3 unless a region has severe health system overloading.

            Remains to be seen if this approach is actually suitable against the most contagious variant we’ve had to date…

            Regardless of mild symptoms etc, all those who are vulnerable still need to be considered. Parents in res homes etc may not survive even a mild dose of covid or the traditional flu etc and I’d prefer to keep them alive.

            • @Jaxson: Me neither, but there is ceratainly no need to panic buy or panic vax, we had plenty of time to get vaxinated.

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            @kevinh89: The booster is necessary to get the highest level of protection against severe illness, so this is what the majority of people will be going in for. The people who got vaccinated at the forefront of the Delta lockdown are all coming into eligibility for the booster now, so that plus the Omicron push will be what's causing the queues.

            Illness isn't necessarily the major concern with Omicron, it's the sheer number of people who will either end up infected, or be forced into isolation as a contact that is the problem. It is going to wreak havoc on businesses.

            • @Plug: Im not saying you are not right, Im just saying we can go in a chill maner like we been doing. The fact that we moved into read doesnt mean we need to rush like if it was the end of the world if not done today.

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                @kevinh89: Very much so, but unfortunately FOMO strikes some people hard and their survival instincts kick right into gear. Why these instincts lead them straight to the toilet paper aisle I do not know, but it's just how it is.

                • @Plug: Bloody NZ Herald and NewsHub only talk about TP, how else then…

                  • @kevinh89: Wholly irresponsible reporting by NZH this morning. Clicks trump all for them.

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    Also antipyretics increase covid mortality be careful when using this if you have covid

    • For animals, no study on humans as far as I could see?

      • Not studied in humans but the link is there with viral resp illnesses

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          Given we seem to be in an age of misinformation, it's probably not the best to make such as bold statement such as "antipyretics increase covid mortality be careful when using this if you have covid".

          Having a brief scan of the references on your link, the highest level of evidence there is a systematic review relating to influenza which only found 8 studies, none of which were human studies. Your statement may be proven the future to be true but to make that statement in a public forum without the caveats is a bit misleading.

          Caffeine has been shown to speed up breast cancer growth in rats but we consume caffeine without issues.

  • Paracetamol shortage is an actual thing right now on SEA countries because of omicron

    • why? everyone suddenly feeling painful?

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        people stockpiling on paracetamol and ibuprofen to fight the virus, just like with toilet paper.

        • I haven't heard anything about using them to fight the virus but it makes sense since the symptoms are cold and flu-like. I have heard of ivermectin and some kind of horse medicine.

  • Is anyone else still waiting for their Chemist Warehouse orders? Made one back on 24th Jan and still showing as pending. I know they say a delay in shipping on the site but it's nearly 2 weeks. And I've noticed other people in AU and NZ have mentioned not having orders shipped after almost a month.

    • Yeah I ordered on the 23rd and got an email a couple of days ago saying half my basket (including paracetamol) is no longer in stock. Finally received my order but most of the stuff I ordered. Really poor service delivery from CW.

      • Weird they say the paracetamol is no longer in stock but it can still he added to cart on their website.

        I tried calling them the other day to get an update on order. Was on hold in a queue of other calls for ages then eventually a automated response says "We are facing high Demand of calls and call again later" then hangs up on me. Waste of time, of waiting that long only to be cut off.

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