This was posted 5 months 27 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Xiaomi MI Box S 4K Media Player $99.99 (Usually ~$150) @ Mi-Store


Mi Box S - 4K Ultra HD Streaming Media Player

Google Assistant | Chromecast built-in

also at PB Tech

can sideload restricted Apps

Sideloading APK

Download one file manager (Randomly pick one) from google play
Second, search spark sports APK on google. Link to: download to the hard drive
Or sky sports via
Neon via
Third, use hard drive trans to the mi box.
Forth, run the APK on mi box via file manager

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    This is the standard sale price I think. All the way back to 2019.

  • Almost same price as buying from AE.

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    I bought a Mi Box 3 about five years ago, and this is almost exactly the same hardware.

    If you’re after a cheap streaming device, I strongly recommend the Chromecast with Google TV - it supports Dolby Vision & HDR10+, and apps like Neon & Spark Sport don’t need to be sideloaded.

    Other apps like Apple TV+ don’t work at all on the Mi Box.

    • I agree. Chromecast with remote is better than this.

    • Apple TV + works for me. But the box lags a lot after installing many apps.

  • anyone know where to get google chromecast tv on sale ?

  • also - for anyone i bought this during black Friday and chromecast doesnt work (from phone to TV - apps work on the TV via the remote) - I returned it as faulty and got a new one and this still did not work (casting from phone). Maybe I was unlucky but I will be returning this and will try get something else

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      Have you got your phone set to the same wifi network as your tv?
      I don’t have this particular media player but I do have Chromecast which won’t work if the networks or protocols are different.

      • Yes same wifi network for the home - a shame really..

    • If you’re referring to the built in chromecast for the mi box they are notorious for not working properly compared to actual google products

    • One issue ive faced is when using guest wifi, disable when possible.

    • Have you tried the following? (this worked for fixing my mi box's chromecast function):
      1. Settings -> Apps → See all apps → Show system apps → Google Chromecast built-in → Uninstall updates -> Test to see if it works
      2. Play Store -> Update Google Chromecast built-in -> Test to see if it works -> If yes, problem solved
      If not, the update is the problem, uninstall the updates again and turn off Play Store auto updates

      If neither of the above works, then you can try doing the same above two steps for the Android System WebView app.

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    4k fire stick ;)

    • Hands down with downloader and all the movie tv apps

      • Do you bother using a VPN for the movie TV apps?

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          Nope I thought why would I care now if all this time I've been streaming or downloading without one…I have considered it but I'll wait till I notice throttling or a letter.wbu?

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    Chromecast with google tv has more power than this thing

    • Where is the best place to buy these? Can people sideload the freeview live tv apks on it?

    • Most people buy this for the USB port. With the CCWGTV to get USB you need to run a hub (not just any hub, but a few unofficially compatible ones) and that hub has to be powered from a charger with decent wattage. When the prices add up the TV box makes much more sense if you want to connect a hard drive, instead of having to stream 4K over Wifi.

      Also CCWGTV's permanently-on Google Play protection doesn't allow you to install certain apks, unlike (IIRC) the TV box.

      • I would be very interested in how both devices handle a 4k remux

        • Just ran the CCWGTV through its paces. Handles remux pretty well, didnt seem to struggle with the bitrate. No passthrough of audio so sound was subpar compared to the picture quality

  • That you can do on any android TV..

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    I just checked and we’ve owned one of these since May 2020 ($101 PBTech) and it hasn’t missed a beat. Have a Seagate Expansion 2TB drive and a USB to Ethernet adapter connected permanently, and use it daily for everything streaming via apps and Kodi. AAA+++

    • i have had no problems with the mi box, it does what it says on the box.

  • It was 89 in the black Friday sale

  • If you do get one of these I recommend plugging it into an AC adaptor for power rather than back of your TV. My 2021 4K Veon TV couldn't run with with its USB power - just kept bugging out hard.

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