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Mustela Baby Gentle Shampoo 500ml $5.90 + shipping @ NZ Online Chemist


Not sure if it's a price error. It appears to be much lower than the market price.

The 500ml bottle is currently selling for $29.99 at lifepharmacy. https://www.lifepharmacy.co.nz/home/shop-by-category/mother-...
The 200ml bottle is currently selling for $15.99 at chemistwarehouse. https://www.chemistwarehouse.co.nz/buy/85568/mustela-gentle-...

Have placed the order for 5 bottles and got charged $5 for shipping. So it comes down to $6.9 per bottle.
Free shipping for orders over $50. If you have a SuperGold Card family member, have a look at the benefits here. https://www.nzonlinechemist.co.nz/pages/contact-2

They also have a physical store in Auckland. The Google reviews appear to be decent. https://www.google.com/search?q=West%20Harbour%20Pharmacy

It's my first order with them. Have received the shipment email in three hours.

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  • Good share. Is still on their online mailer as advertised price but also says expires end of October. Not as good discount wise the mustela barrier cream and soap is also discounted.
    Thanks for the share

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      Can get barrier cream in massive tubs via prescription for the wee ones. Might have even been free I don't recall. Just a heads up anyway. Enough for probably 10 kids lol.

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        Yes, we got 1L Sorbolene cream from GP for free.

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    Thanks OP, bought a couple.

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    Thanks OP, bought a few

  • Comes up with "can't find the page you're looking for" this morning and can't find the mustela shampoo with searching. Safe bet it has been sold out or removed.

    • Yes I got the same message. Thanks for the share though looked like a great deal

  • Received the parcel today. The shampoo expires in May 2022. That explains the low price. Shouldn't have bought 5 bottles…

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