1kg Aurora Coffee $10.99 @ Selected PAK’nSAVE


Aurora Italian Blend Coffee Beans 1kg (Botany, Sylvia Park, Albany, Silverdale)
Aurora Coffee Ground Italian Blend 1kg (Botany, Sylvia Park, Albany, Silverdale)
Aurora Prima Qualita Coffee Beans 1kg (Botany, Manukau, Takanini, Sylvia Park, Henderson, Albany, Silverdale)

All of the above 1kg for $11.99 @ Mt Albert

Also 1kg for $10.99
Chicco D'oro Premium Blend Coffee Beans 1kg (Botany, Takanini, Sylvia Park, Albany, Silverdale)

Also on Clarence St, Hamilton. Somehow not available on Mills St. (Thanks stevarja)

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  • Ohhhh, PnS means Pak'n'Save.

    • Just realised Pak'nSave would sound like such a weird store name from a new immigrant lol.

    • 😂

    • Haha, title updated!

      • +1

        Oh you didn't have to haha - good to learn these new acconyms!

        • Reminds me of the ParknShop chain in Hong Kong. Hardly anyone there owns a car to "park".

    • Pak'n'Slave?

  • Also on Clarence St, Hamilton. Somehow not available on Mills St.

    • Thank you! Updated, I only checked some AKL stores.

  • +4

    It's a good price for roasted coffee, but it's a ghastly brand of coffee. I don't know what they do to roast such bad coffee but it definitely tastes like coffee that's worth half the price of other brands.

    But since it's a third of the price, it's a good buy.

    • Since you got it started, what would you consider good coffees for those Italian vapor chamber coffees (not sure if that's how it's called).
      I recently got a coffee grinder and have been trying a few different ones. Really enjoyed the homming bird one.

      • Not a clue, sorry. Never used one of those in my life. I was never a big fan of steeping coffee (plungers/vacuum/stovetop espresso).

        Also I buy green and roast using a popcorn maker unless I'm feeling super lazy. In which case I usually get Avalanche or Roasted Addiction because I know they're both good.

        Oh, there is one exception for steeping, Vietnamese coffee is good.

      • From PnS (in Auckland at least) Avalanche Strength 4 is my fave for an espresso machine, Aurora is over way over roasted. Generally find you need to spend a couple of extra dollars and buy from a specialised roastery if you want something that is fresh and not over roasted.

      • +1

        They're usually called stovetop coffee makers or Moka pot.

        I'd recommend these coffee brands: Atomic, Supreme, Karajoz, Flight, Hummingbird.
        If you're on a budget, the best cheap whole beans are the Countdown-branded French Roast.

  • +1

    There may be worse coffee than this out there. But you'd struggle to find it.

    • I tried Hummingbird and was very bitter - may be just had a bad batch though.

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