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$15 off Selected Grocery Stores at Uber Eats


Check your Uber Eats app for the $15 off offer (might be targeted depending on the nearest Four Square).


• NZ$20 minimum order
• Delivery orders only
• At selected grocery stores

This offer is for $15 off your order when you order
$20 or more (excluding fees) from Four Square
stores via the uber Eats app (Offer). Delivery Fee
applies (excluding Pickup orders). Service Fee
applies to orders delivered by uber Eats and is based on order value (before promotion or discount). An amount of $15 will be deducted from your total order value as a promotion or discount at checkout. To redeem this Offer, open the uber Eats app, apply the promo code to your account, search for a Four Square, add 1 or more items to your cart totalling $20 or more (excluding fees), check the Offer has been applied at checkout, and then place your order.
To accept this Offer, you must successfully complete an order redeeming the Offer in accordance with these terms. Limited to intended recipients of this email only. You may redeem this Offer once only. You must apply the promo code before you place an order to redeem this Offer. Subject to stock availability, operating hours and availability of participating merchants in your area via the uber Eats app. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion. Offer may be withdrawn at any time. Valid only in New Zealand where uber Eats is available. Offer expires at 11:59 NZD 31 December, unless withdrawn earlier.

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  • Hi,

    I've only bothered with Uber Eats a couple of times - always seems they make it way more hassle than just jumping in the car and picking something up myself, but figured I'd give this a go.

    You say to:

    '… open the uber Eats app, apply the promo code to your account …'

    Where do you apply the code? I can't see anywhere on the main screen, nor under the 'account' section?



    • Hey Alan just copied that blurb from the app. Didn't actually entered a code. There was like an $NZ15 off ad from the app itself, clicked it and claimed the promo instantly.

      So yeah don't know the code and might be targeted :-(

      • Okay - nothing in my app, so I guess I have not been targeted.

        Ah well :-)

        Thanks for posting still!


    • its nearly always bone cold and you pay a huge premium for the delivery, on top of the increased cost of all food on there, and then the 10% service charge. Then when you try and get your money back the restaurant fobs you off to uber, as per uber policy, then ubers support says "thanks, will pass along your concerns" and then the chat closes saying the situation has been resolved, and you have to chase them up twice more to get your money back, ending with a shit review for the restaurant for the hassle. Uber eats is really bad for food quality.

  • +1

    A little green Arc popped up on mine at the home screen, swipe up to claim it

    For Wellington CBD seems like the only stores are New World Metro Willis Street/Railway Station with a $5.99 delivery free & $1-4 service fee (was $2.16 at the time of checking)

    With pricing ontop being higher and minimum spend being $20: unless its an emergency totally not worth it.
    3x Strawberries @$7.19 each with $15 off was still $14.72 to pay

    • Lol just checked today looks like they removed the promo for my acc

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