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Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) 7" Smart Home Display $79 + Postage or Pickup @ Harvey Norman




Not all shops have it all Auckland noel lemmings is out of stock Harvey noramn Manukau has two left in stock. Limit was two according to the salesman got me two.

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Harvey Norman NZ
Harvey Norman NZ

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    maybe be worth getting off the market with additonal 5% off


    • With 5% off at the market comes to $81.05 then have to painfully wait for the courier in Auckland as all are excepting delivery delays.

      • its 79 at this stage? so total cost: $75.05

  • $81 (includes surcharge) with free delivery at PB Tech, too.

  • Got mine with 10% off on the market.

    • Was that a while ago?

      • less than 2 weeks ago.

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    Could also pricematch at The Warehouse and use $5 off $50 and free shipping.

    Better off using the JB Hi-Fi link since it doesn’t scream ‘sale’ or ‘special’.

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      Also potentially the TWG sale from tomorrow https://www.cheapies.nz/node/31049

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        Confirmed working. For some reason TW did a price beat rather than match, then I stacked free shipping and the $5 off for over $50 and the deal you've linked to (in the app obviously for the $5 off for over $50) got two kids towels and Google nest hub 2nd gen for $58.93 delivered.

        • How do you price match/beat online or in their app? Did you have to speak with someone?

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            @CheapiesFiend: Yep had to chat in and provide a competitor link and their link for them to analyse and price beat/match.
            They do it via email while they have you on chat.
            I chatted through the website. They confirmed they'd do the price alteration and asked me to add the item to my cart (which I did in app) and supply my email

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              @Lawalburn: Fair warning took ages this morning. Chat was not behaving nicely

            • @Lawalburn: Thanks, yeah I’m in the chat but they’re on the go-slow this morning for sure.

              • @CheapiesFiend: Chat dropped out like 4 times. They couldn't open the jbhifi link (any of the ones I sent) but could open the noel Leeming link if you want an alternate that they accepted.
                One advisor didn't have access to price beat/match so got put back into queue.
                Best of luck!

                • @Lawalburn: Nice! What was the $5 off $50 offer too? I can’t seem to find it?

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                    @CheapiesFiend: Hiya
                    It's in the app for the warehouse: need to join market club (free) and will come up along as a banner at the top of your warehouse app (or under offers just under the search bar) with the other discounts like 20% off boardgames etc.

        • $79 - 10% price beat- 15% SASDEC21 - $5(off $50)-5% WMC= $52.7 and the towels $6.2 for 2?

          • @doubledippps: Likely something similar to that! Sorry the invoice doesn't break it down more!.

            Subtotal $109.00
            Discounts -$50.07
            Standard delivery FREE
            Includes GST of $7.69
            Total $58.93

            In my online orders shows as:
            Nest hub: $60.43
            Towel 1: $8.50
            Towel 2: free
            Subtotal: $68.93
            Order discount: $10
            Delivery: free
            Order total: $58.93

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    If you've been thinking about ending it all, this is a good deal on a product that will make you want to top yourself.

    Literally the most buggy, intrusive piece of hardware I've ever owned. Has to be hard reset four times a day or more. Will suddenly start screaming "THERE WAS A GLITCH, PLEASE TRY AGAIN IN A FEW SECONDS" over and over in the middle of the night.

    I plan on using mine as a target during my first 1km+ shoot.

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      Favourite brutal comment of the day award 🥇

    • Strange. Mine goes strong. Used to have "no internet connection available" error when giving a voice command. It seems to be fixed by Firmware updates. Haven't seen that error for at least 2 months now.

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      Mines working fine, suggest taking yours back to have it replaced.

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      I haven't encountered anything like that, since setting it up it has just worked. If there's a con I would say that the UI isn't as smooth as you'd expect it to be. Same issue I have with the Google TV Chromecast

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      While mine occasionally restarts itself, haven't had any issues, your unit may be faulty. I've got two of these

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    The sleep monitoring feature is really useful (and scary at the same time)

    • What's it do? Kind of interested and know these probably track your whole life

      • It watches (and listens) while you sleep. When you wake it gives you stats on your breathing rate, how long you were in REM, how many times you coughed, and of course how long you slept in total. It's as creepy as it is cool. I was weirded out at first, but I quite like it now.

        The downside is that Google will begin charging for the data next year.

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    Have one of these in the kitchen, it's awesome.. use it every day.

    Use it all the time to stick on a netflix show while doing anything in the kitchen (Eg preparing dinner/cleaning/etc)

  • Mine i have now disabled google lady by slider button. Nice display. Now its purpose is display of my smart home control from by home assistant using CATT and youtube music.

  • I have 2 amazon echos, this and 2 nest minis. I backup my photos from my iPhone to google photos and i needed a digital photo frame to easily display the album I select. Worked like a charm, I love it. Never had a glitch.

  • Purchases on of these for $70 from The Market a few weeks ago. Bought it to be a monitor for a Nest camera we put up in the playroom but it's also become a great way to view photos and listen to Spotify. Pretty good for $70.

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    Anyone done a wall mount of this yet??like this


  • Damn, TWH chat says can't price match NL as they are part of the family and not a competitor. She just ended the chat. Gonna try HN again.

    • Try using jbhifi. They replied the same to me but not responded to my jb price match request so far.

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        Tried pbtech, harvey norman and 4 tries with chat. All either stating above or the competitor is having a special price and can't match that. That is stupid, isn't that the whole purpose of price match as competitor is having a sale so we want to get that price.

        trying JB now with charcoal one. I wanted Chalk but JB doesn't have it anymore.

      • This also got turned down as it's a Bundle deal on Warehouse. What a bullshit.

        • Yup I failed too, she told me it was a Daily Deal. When I told her that it has been the same price at JB Hi-Fi since the 25th November (19 days ago) she ended the chat.

    • Same story I got when I asked them to price match something at another of their stores (both Warehouse).
      Ended up buying it, and then "returning" it to the store that had it cheaper (which was out of stock) and buying it again. In practice I went in with my reciept, said "how stupid this nearby store won't price match you. Will you adjust the price and refund me the difference?" And she said, "Yep I agree. No problem" (why the effort? Saved over $500)

      After than long winded story, my point was going to be: at the time there was nothing in their policy that said "we won't price match our own stores" or anything close. A quick look and it seems it still doesn't, nor does it mention anything about not matching "TWG" stores. In fact I'm sure they'd have a hard time claiming NL aren't a "competitor retailer"

  • I give up. Tried atleast 10 times and got shot down. Most likely this would be black listed for price match.

  • Thanks for waiting We received an email from our internal team that it is not approved because the item is in offer in the Warehouse for $89 and the offer will end on the 31/12/2021. You may check the details below. https://www.thewarehouse.co.nz/p/google-nest-hub-charcoal-ge…

    This is the stupidest price match policy i have ever heard of, why do they even offer one?

    • You can use the warehouse group code (15% off)in the other post and get it for $75.65 click and collect

      • With price match & the group code price would be much lower. Only if price match worked.

        Fyi: warehouse group code is only 5% off for google nest hub not 15%.

        • Its 15% mate i have just tried now

          • @Cab113: My bad. Had something else in the cart which showed 5%.

  • the SASDEC21 was giving 15% off for the nest hub for me

  • Finally, I was able to convince to drop the price to $79. Happy to get it for ~$63 after 15% & 5off50.

    • Just try can only get price match and this is what I get:
      As per our terms: Technology product will be price matched only

    • Gave it another tried and Erica won't even do a price match for me, she said both warehouse and Harvey Norman are on sales so they can't do a price promise. Is there anything we can do about this? Maybe we can all take a screenshot of what they all said different things to denied the price beat and lodge a complaint or report to camcam?

      • I had Ben. I didn't ask for price match. I asked for the same price as others are selling including Noel & jb. By the tone of him, i could smell price match was not an option, so didn't push hard. went with $79 + discounts applied later.

        • +1

          I just tried. Got Mailey. He/She only reply was He/She doesn't have access to price match for now and to email customer services with a 24-48hr response timeframe. By the sounds of all these comments TW is actively dodging any price beat/matching. They are reneging on their price promise policy. Can someone with legal knowledge comment? The comcom should be informed of this.

          • @Christo: We need a forum post here to discuss about The Warehouse price promise for their inconsistency also a post to explain how to lodge a report to comcom

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    Just managed to place an order for $55.43

    Price beat + SASDEC21 + $5 off $50

    • Who did you talk to and did you send Harvey Norman link?

  • This product is now all over Facebook marketplace! When I ask what username they are on ChoiceCheapies, they respond with "Yes, this is available!" Hahahahaha

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