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1kg Cookie Time Triple Chocolate Broken Cookies $12.50 Shipped @ Munchtime


We’re always baking with a passion, using our famous Cookie Time recipes, and it’s a fact of life for us that sometimes cookies get broken in the baking.

From our Bakery Imperfections range, the 1kg Triple Chocolate Chunk Broken Cookies may be the uglies of the retail world. But they’re still heroes in delicious taste. With plenty of pieces to go around…

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    Slightly cheaper at $12.13 with code FLOWER15.

    • Yip, and 5kgs = free shipping anyway :D

  • Thanks, ordered!

  • It's really not that much cheaper than buying a pack at countdown that are not seconds


    They drop down to $9ish at times

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      They're 30% cheaper than the ones you linked, that's a decent saving. Yes the ones in your link might go on special sometimes but they're not on special now though are they?

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      FWIW I haven't seen those go below $10 at Countdown or New World for 6+ months.

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      630g vs 1kg?
      Some of the seconds are great, pieces that have 80% chocolate in them are wee gems.

  • Yum! Have ordered! These are usually out of stock on their website so am super-happy!

  • Now showing as out of stock.

  • https://www.paknsave.co.nz/shop/product/5278162_ea_000pns?na...

    Pak'n Save have 1kg Cookie Time cookies for $9.99. Probably prefer a triple choc, but cheaper is still cheaper.

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      Cookie Bake cookies aren't the same as the normal Cookie Time ones: they're more sugary, use margarine instead of butter, and have a different texture (which I think is worse). I'd liken CB to Farmbake or Ernest Adams cookies, but thicker and with bigger chunks of chocolate.

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      Agree with the person above. No comparison to regular cookie time. Cookie time has a higher chocolate content compared to cookie bake. You can really taste the margarine taste in the cookie bake ones - leaves a funny mouthfeel and after taste for some reason…

      • Also agree, Cookie bake are disgusting (imo). they've confirmed to me they're made with cheaper ingredients to make a cheaper product.

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