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Free Shipping to New Zealand when you Spend over AU$59.00 on Eligible Items @ Amazon AU


Unfortunately there is no one page where all eligible items are displayed. Just going to have to go through & find things you want and hope that it's part of this promotion.

More details here
Thanks Detruire.

Example: board games
Example 2: search 'free shipping'

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  • Is that $59 AUD, or NZD?

    • Good point. I'm guessing AUD.

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      It's AUD including AU GST (i.e. $59 in listed prices).

      • The checkout calculation of Amazon AU delivering to NZ is first to deduct AU GST (10%) and then add NZ GST (15%). In short, an item with a listed price of AU$395 will become 395/1.1*1.15 = AU$412.95

        • (395/1.1)*1.15

          • @Banto: BADMAS. Brackets are unnecessary with division/multiplication.

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    Come on offering us prime and some locally stocked options soon. Once you've had unlimited next day delivery on cheap goods there's no going back 😁

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      Once Amazon has a foothold in NZ there's no going back either. Great for us cheapies of course, but for society as a whole? Poor working conditions, paying off local govt for preferential treatment…

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        Sounds like Harvey Norman

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          Farmers, Briscoes..

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            @Banto: Warehouse, Countdowns..

            • @penguinez: Countdown is not NZ owned though.

              • @Banto: Foodstuffs

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                  @LYuen: These companies can't hold a candle to the weight Amazon can throw around.

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          It's rather easy to avoid buying things at Harvey Norman. Hardly the best prices out.

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        Wait until Costco get going too. We’ll need a dedicated thread for that one alone… #cheapienirvana

        • I can't wait for Ikea to open so I can replace all my shitty bookcases with wall-to-wall Billys with glass doors. I hope they ship to the south island.

          • @NeM2k2: Isn't Christchurch supposed to be getting a studio store from IKEA? Presumably they'll ship down here if there's a store.

            Costco is apparently approved by Selwyn councils in rolleston despite the fact they didn't ask for the approval themselves.

            • @Everettpsycho: I only heard about the Ikea opening in Auckland, haven't heard about any others

              • @NeM2k2: There will be a smaller ikea in chch. Maybe not at the start but it is going to be there.

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    Nice find. However my cart jumped from $63 to $70 overnight therefore nullifying the saving :-(

  • I just want amazon fire devices to be able to be shipped here

    • Agree

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    They have just added the NZ shipping price to the product and now said it's free shipping. I have been watching the price of the tp link mesh for the last week.

    • Wow, that’s really low/dodgy if it’s correct across the board. Anyone else able to confirm instances of this?

      • They were cheaper before because of the Black Friday Cyber Monday sale. Right now most goods are at normal non-sale prices plus free shipping.

    • Yeah, same here. Deco X20 (2 Pack) was just under $300 yesterday. Today it is $369

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      No their prices are still the same as they are for AU customers (with NZ GST instead of AU), but now with free shipping. You might have been looking at something that was on sale, Amazons prices fluctuate regularly. The best site i've found is CamelCamelCamel to set alerts and check price history. https://au.camelcamelcamel.com/product/B07W9KYT62 I bought this router a couple of days ago and paid for shipping, its still the same price, now with free shipping. Even paying for shipping it was close to half the price of anywhere else in NZ.

  • Panasonic 4x Eneloop @AU$14.50 for 4 eligible for this deal: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B077PTMGWQ

    • and a power supply to go with your build

      although not free shipping

    • Could have gotten them for NZ$139 from PBTech during their actual black friday sale and NZ$129 a few weeks before. Hard to be sure, but going by recent price trends, I suspect it'll be at least NZ$139 sometime between now and Boxing Day (inclusive), so if you aren't desperate might be better to just wait IMO.

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    What annoys me is you can't move giftcard $$ between the US/UK/AU sites. I have $130USD on the US side and 0 on the AU side and nothing I want to buy off the US side. ANy suggestions

    • Could possibly has to do with tax implications? Also should they do allow that, I’d suspect FX rates would not be favorable.

  • Switch Games are free to ship

  • I really wish they did it for the US one. Amazon US shipping charges(to NZ) are quite high these days.

    • One of the big US carrier stopped shipping here or something

      • Yea remembered back then small items like video games were $5-7 USD shipping and now everything gone up to $12-13 USD. With 15% GST to go on top of it makes it really not worthwhile to shop from Amazon US even on Black Friday Sales.

    • One thing which could help a bit would be if they opened up Amazon US items that are listed on Amazon Australia to ship to NZ. They seem to often get the good deals e.g. the 14TB HD at US$200 on Amazon US wasn't that far off the price on Amazon Australia when GST was considered. And I believe Australians get these free shipping with Prime. They could always ship them to Australia then to NZ if they find that better

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    Lodge cast iron products are included in the free shipping - there has been quite a bit of talk about their quality and cast iron cooking being the way forward

    • +1

      yes. Bought a 5 quart cast iron dutch oven when the price was about ~AUD 77 with $12 shipping. Not it is AUD90.69. So not much of a difference.

    • Yes, have bought a whole set of Le Creuset cast iron, very good quality French craftmanship

      • Aren't they enameled ones? And at a steep price?

  • Good opportunity to ship bigger stuff from Amazon.com.au


    The above is 25 percent off, plus free shipping for example.

    Good opportunity for an inverter if you camping this summer too:

    • +1

      The energiser inverters are modified sine wave so won't work with a lot of appliances. Pure sine wave inverters are the ones to get.

  • -1

    Funny how the prices increase suddenly from yesterday.

    • Prices often change daily, I monitor lots of items.

      camel camel camel is your friend

  • Too bad doesn't apply to those heavy/big items like baby car seats or dumbbell set.

  • If the price increases to cover the extra cost of shipping are a real thing, then does this mean that if you visit Amazon.com.au from New Zealand, you get a different price than if you are visiting from Australia? Would a VPN reveal any differences in pricing?

    • I just checked - all you have to do it put an Australian address in and it shows prices for Aussies. Looks like its the same price, we just have the extra 5% GST.

      I saw a few items that went down so it must just be their daily price changes.

      • Actually an Australian address may not tell you. Technically Amazon could do something like Book Depository (which they own) and give different prices depending on where they think you live based on your IP, regardless of where you're shipping the item. But as Kiwi said, they don't.

    • +3

      There were no regional price increases, it just happened to coincide with the end of the BF/CM sales, so it appears as if there were. As mentioned above camelcamelcamel is your friend and anyone shopping at Amazon should be using it anyway.

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    Wonder how well pantry items are packaged. The milk I use for brekky is AU$2 on Amazon, but can't buy enough to get past the $59 mark.

    Pureharvest almond milk

    Usually $4.20 on sale here, either at New World or Countdown.

    • Are you sure that is eligible for free shipping? None of the larger or heavier grocery items I looked at (including that one) mentioned free shipping.

      • You're right. I forget that I have prime and an Aussie address added to my account 😅

        • +1

          Even if you have it added, doesn't it change the shipping price as soon as you try shipping to NZ?

  • I'm thinking of buying some lego that costs about $1300. Am I correct in assuming that I won't pay any more GST (in addition to the total price I pay Amazon AU) when the item arrives in NZ? Thanks.

    • Not entirely sure, have seen in that past that a declaration has to be completed over $1000. Why not just place 2 orders in different names?

    • +1

      Are you really only interested in GST? Assuming Amazon charges GST correctly, you won't pay more GST on the basic item and shipping. But you may pay duties. Customs site suggest toys have 5% duty. Note this will be on the item only not shipping like GST, although I assume it's free shipping so this is moot. GST will also be on top of any duties so if you've already paid GST, you'll be paying 5.75% total extra in taxes or 0.75% extra in GST on the item.

      With or without duties, you will also have to pay the biosecurity levy and Import Entry Transaction Fee. If you don't deal with the customs stuff yourself, then likely the courier will charge you some extra fee for dealing with customs for you. Technically I believe these fees will include GST, and you could work out how much you're paying in GST from them if you really want, although might be difficult to work out what your courier brokerage/customs clearance fee will be (and so how much GST there will be on that) unless you know precisely who they ship it with.

      In the past Amazon US used to have a system where they will estimate the taxes and collect these when ordering and then pay them for you or refund if for some reason customs didn't charge you (generally this was only for items very close to the limit). No idea if Amazon AU does the same thing, but I suggest you look carefully at what Amazon is charging you. If they are only charging you GST then yes you will need to pay more although only a small part of it will be GST.

      You can go to the customs site to estimate how much you'll need to pay https://www.customs.govt.nz/personal/duty-and-gst/whats-my-d... just remember if you've already paid something in GST you can take that off.

      P.S. I thought the customs site used to be clearer on the IETF etc. Anyway I think the IETF is is currently $33.03 and biosecurity levy is $26.45 for a total of $59.48. A lot of sites still quote a total of $55.71 but this seems to be before the IETF went up from $29.26 on 1 July 2021.

  • Yeah. All good. But how about warranty?? How do I return something faulty to Amazon AU?? International shipping is so prohibitively expensive.

  • +1

    I returned something the other day. Seems like Amazon has a deal with DHL, as they came and picked it up from my house. I didn't have to pay them anything.

  • Ordered some things on the 14th Dec which said delivery by 22 Dec. Some shipped via NSW, one via Melbourne. Day later, updated to arriving via DHL on 21st. Arrived today (17th). Geesh :)

  • Any filler items for $5-$6 to reach free shipping?

  • Seems to be a lot of bulkier items like the 1L soap and mouthwash that were free shipping last week aren't now.

    Bought some Schweppes 12 * 1.1L just for fun, it's now showing a $30+ shipping cost after being free.

    I wonder if this is a test to see if having AU Prime include NZ would work. Amazon US did a similar thing with the free shipping years ago, it didn't last long before they canned it.

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