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6TB Western Digital Red Plus Hard Drive NZ$219.23 Delivered @ Amazon USA

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Really good price for a 6TB WD CMR drive (IMO) as with the coupon savings noted on the listing page it brings the per drive price down to $150. There is shipping of $33 to factor in but that seemed static no matter the quantity of drives (I bought three this time).

Compares to $330 for same drive at PB Tech.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Final price with shipping should be about ~USD$145. If you use amazon US's currency convertor, its NZD$220.

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    Comes to around NZD $219. Not sure how OP got NZD$150

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    Did you guys click the coupon on the product page? I got NZD $157.41

    • Order total: USD 144.83
      Payment Total: NZD 219.23

    • that's for shipping within the US with no GST added on though, do shipping to NZ and it jumps to $220 because the shipping costs more and GST is added onto the sale.

  • Estimated delivery date showing as first week of Feb.

  • It's US$144 including GST.

  • 2 for USD$279.51

  • Order Summary for shipping to NZ
    Items: USD 134.50
    Shipping & handling: USD 21.95
    Your Coupon Savings: -USD 30.51
    Total before GST: USD 125.94
    Estimated GST to be collected: USD 18.89
    Order total: USD 144.83
    Payment Total: NZD 219.23

    If you get it shipped free within the US and your Amazon account is set to a tax free state then it works out at $157.41nzd (still don't know where OP got the $150 figure from), but then of course you need to get it to NZ and if use Youshop they'll collect GST anyway + charge you their crazy high shipping costs so probably best to go directly through Amazon.

    • Also seems that Amazon option arrives early February 2022, so the potential wait time should be taken into account when comparing to the potential $ saving against buying now from a local supplier.

      • Fair point, they might ship sooner than that but good to highlight indeed.

  • I'm fine with + shipping since the price doesn't go up by much for multiple drives so it's complicated. But doesn't make much sense to not add GST for the drive to the price you're quoting, at least should be made clear in the title it's not including GST

    • Fair shout, have updated the title to be more reflective. Still think its a decent price for the size myself. Missed out on the Black Friday / Cyber Monday low price-point (was lower than this per drive) so this was close enough to make me complete order.

  • Is shipping to nz cheaper if you have prime? (I don't have prime)

    • Nope

  • 6TB drive for $210 in NZ:

    If you don't like Seagate there's a 4TB WD for the same $ per TB as this deal:

    Drives can and do fail. I can't imagine dealing with a US company for returns.

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      They're incomparable as both manufacturer's have firmware restrictions on the drives you listed that render them trash for 24/7 operation.

      These are the comparable local drives:


      • What kind of restrictions?

        • Head parking mostly, it was made to save power but then stuck around because it makes drives that have it arse for NAS environments, slower and less reliable, forcing people to buy NAS drives.

          But there's a few other things around idle states and error handling, the latter is super important when it comes to RAID arrays as an error not being reported as an error will result in a costly rebuild which can then exacerbate the problem.

          As well as physical differences such as those drives using SMR but I'd forgotten about that on the earlier post. If you flood an SMR drive (such as storing lots of media) you're in for a bad time. There's a class action in the US at the moment against WD because they silently started using SMR on the Reds (hence Red Plus) to cheaply increase capacity but didn't tell end users.

    • woah classic pricespy still works, what a throwback

  • I can't for the life of me find this coupon that you're talking about.

    But the 4TB for 85USD seems cheap with 20USD shipping.

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