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Garmin Forerunner 245 Music Watch - $319 @ Noel Leeming - OR $299 at JB HI-FI


JB HI-FI are doing it even cheaper now for $299 - which is the cheapest price ever according to Pricespy. RRP is $639.

This is a great mid-range fitness watch, and at this price range it's pretty unbeatable in terms of features and quality. I have one myself and it's pretty neat if you're into running and fitness. It has some great features such as onboard GPS and onboard music storage/playback so you don't need to carry a smartphone with you while tracking your runs.

There are also white or aqua colour options.

You could also try get Rebel Sport to price-beat this for another 10% off.

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Noel Leeming
Noel Leeming

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  • You can get a further 5% off by using the market code XMAS

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    According to JB Hifi's latest flyer (arrived today), this will be $299 starting tomorrow. Price matching this at Rebel Sport should make it ~$270

    As someone with no experience with smart watches, would this be a decent one at this price point when all I really want it for is music and notifications (texts/FB messenger) while exercising? I mostly cycle and walk, not run. I have a Samsung S10 phone. I'm not sure if I should go with this or just get a Samsung Watch 3 or 4.

    • interested to know also - im in the same boat

      • Thanks for the tip. I've updated the description to include the JB Hi-Fi sale.

        As for this watch, I would say it is really good if you're more of a serious runner and can make use of all the extra data and features it provides you. I haven't used it for cycling but I imagine it would be pretty good also.
        Some of the advantages this watch may have over other smartwatches:
        - Its built really rugged. I've had it for a few months but it looks like it can take a good beating.
        - 5ATM waterproof - meaning it can withstand water pressure up to 50 metres deep.
        - Battery life is excellent - I can get well over a week of battery life even with 3+ hours of running and GPS use.
        - Onboard music and GPS means you don't need to carry a phone with you when exercising.
        - Price - at $270 I can't think of any other fitness watch that would beat this.

        Some of the cons are:
        - Its not as fancy as a Samsung or Apple watch. it doesn't look as "luxurious" and as mentioned earlier, the display isn't the nicest looking display.
        - Its not a touchscreen watch. You have to use the physical buttons to navigate around. But for me I actually prefer this. I've never been a fan of touchscreen control on tiny watch screens. The button navigation works quite good.
        - It doesn't have as much smartwatch features compared to Samsung/Apple, e.g. the amount of apps you can download onto it are quite limited. BUT if you're just looking for a pure fitness watch, then this watch is very solid in that department.

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      All jokes aside, this watch is great. I've had it for 3 years. I don't think the display is super-nice for texting/messenging but it is awesome for music/running(without a phone). The garmin software is also pretty great, and you can track your sleep depth etc. I'd say if you want a fitness watch 270 is a steal, otherwise if you want an all-rounder go for something else.



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      • Thanks for the info.. and the partial aneurysm 😄

    • Thanks for the tip off! Was gonna pull the trigger yesterday until I saw this comment.

      Just bought it from Rebel Sport for $269.10 using price beat.

      • None in stock at any of the Christchurch Rebel Sport stores. Trying a price match over the phone - what a mare. 40mins on hold, the first rep hung up on my after I asked for the price match lol. Another 40mins then they have to call you back later to arrange the purchase after someone approves the match.

        Tempted to just take the L and price match at Noel's instead for the Fly Buys.

        • Heathcotes have it for $317 if you want to try a pricematch there (never tried myself though).
          Range of colours


          • @bigcheese: Any idea how much Heathcotes will beat JB by? Their terms don't mention a percentage which makes me think it's like Mighty ape - cheaper by $1-2 lol

            • @NeM2k2: Not sure, I've never tried.
              Worst case you get get Noels to match - save yourself $2 and get Flybuys!

        • Ended up getting it matched at Rebel. Someone actually called back but I missed the call.. so back on hold for 40min 🤦 and a charge for click and collect? Is it 2008?? $272 and 2hrs on hold…

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